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    TPLink T6E 1300AC working

    I'd like to report that the card works for wi-fi under: -mojave 10.14.6 (18G87) -put in PCIE slot x1 (smallest) -add AirportBrcmFixup.kext to kexts/other -add the following patch to kextsToPatch on clover (credit the-darkvoid for BrcmPatchRam.) <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>TPLINK...
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    Quick Guide to Generate a SSDT for CPU Power Management

    CPU P-States [ 34 (40) ] iGPU P-States [ ] CPU C3-Cores [ 0 2 4 5 ] CPU C6-Cores [ 0 1 3 4 5 6 ] CPU P-States [ 29 34 (40) ] iGPU P-States [ ] CPU C3-Cores [ 0 1 2 3 4 5 7 ] CPU C6-Cores [ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ] CPU P-States [ 29 32 34 (40) ] iGPU P-States [ ] CPU P-States [ (8) 29 32 34 40 ] iGPU...
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    efi-boot-device nvram conflict

    Using emulated nvram, having a strange conflict around the boot volume. I want to get clovers last booted volume behavior, but something always sets the volume on my nvram, on each boot. I've tried removing the var or setting it manually, but it's always ovewritten by something. This something...
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    [GUIDE] General Framebuffer Patching Guide (HDMI Black Screen Problem)

    Patch provided for Asus Prime H370M-Plus works for HDMI output in board ASUS PRIME Z390M PLUS. DVI untested. please update OP to reflect this other asus board @CaseySJ
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    macOS 10.14.4 Update

    ez latest clover as of today new lilu new whateverGreen new appleALC software update from settings BAM
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    pastrychef's Asus ROG Strix Z370-G Gaming (WI-FI AC) build w/ i9-9900K + AMD Vega 56

    @pastrychef great work on the delidding! :0 Makes me want to try it myself lol... I see you bought a copper lid. would you recommend against running with no lid at all?
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    Nvidia Drivers for Mojave 10.14 Not Available, no WorkAround works well

    @coffeeshop I've not been in the scene that long, but this is the first time web drivers for nvidia have such an issue. Ppl seem confused about it, not sure who's to blame.
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    Nvidia Drivers for Mojave 10.14 Not Available, no WorkAround works well

    Yeah I mean, if you use apple's stuff, like Xcode, you can't really fall back two OS versions. If you can tho, cool.
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    ASUS 100 Series and Later Custom SSDT for XHCI USB Port Control

    Pretty cool method. I'd use this over a kext for sure.
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    APFS (30sec) TO HFS+ (9sec) boot times

    do you know if XHCI suffers from the same issue?
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    Enable Trim in Mojave?

    O.O What SSD are you running please?
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    Stork's MyHero II Build: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z370 HERO X - i7-8700K - AMD RX 580 - Thunderbolt 3

    Awesome build! :D I didn't know about the PCI Firewire add-on card... Good to know. I have an USB2 audio interface myself. ;D
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    macOS 10.14.2 Update

    Smooth on my end as well. Updated clover, lilu and whateverGreen. @Stork Maybe mention in the guide that during the install and reboot process the default boot volume in clover will be changed, and if user selects their own system instead (not the default clover chose), the update doesn't continue.
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    How to Fix iMessage

    I believe logging into iCloud and authorizing iTunes did the trick for me, nothing else worked without this last step. I did the idiot's guide. I have correct network adapter as en0, good smbios, tested and discovered I have native nvram (luv this mobo), numbers from iMessageDebug look good and...