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    ASUS Z370G Black Bios Screen

    Seems like connecting the CLTR jumpers is less risky compared to a BIOS flash isn´t it? But that is a very good backup plan ! Havent thought of it.
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    ASUS Z370G Black Bios Screen

    I could empty the nvram with nvram -c but that had no effect :/ I´m thinking of resetting the CMOS by connecting the CLTR jumpers but I´m scared that this will kill my whole system by resetting the BIOS while still being unable to access it
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    ASUS Z370G Black Bios Screen

    As the title suggests my Bios is not accessible anymore. I tried resetting the CMOS by removing the battery but that didnt work. I cant flash the BIOS because I cant access it. Basically I am locked out. Does Anyone have a solution?
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    Help something went wrong

    Hi Guys, I updated to 10.15.2 some while ago and have been living with a extremely long boot time eversince because i was too lazy to fix it. Today some of my usb ports stopped working and I dont know what to do. Please find attached my startup log and clover folder. (USB Port Patch is correct...