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    NVIDIA CUDA vs METAL vs OPENCL tested on Premiere

    Sorry to dig this old thread up but I've just put together a 8700k + 1070ti for the purpose of video editing. I just noticed you didn't list CUDA driver installed. Could that be why CUDA is performing so badly. Also do you know how da Vinci would perform on our setup vs premiere?
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    csleverette's Build: Core i7-8700K - ASRock Z370 Taichi - 32GB RAM - Sapphire Pulse RX 580

    Can you please post your MultiBeast configuration? I have a similar setup to you.
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    [Guide] Creating a Custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext

    is this also a known problem for desktops or only for laptops? cuz this was posted in the laptops section i'm afraid to follow the same steps to try to resolve my usb problems on the desktop.
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    Unstable USB 2.0 port after restart (have to unplug and replug to work)

    After a restart or a shutdown and start, my usb devices (keyboard and mouse to be precise) do not work, sometimes. I have to unplug and then replug it back in then it works. I found this thread stating that this is a known problem...
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    Asrock Z370 Taichi/Thunderbolt/8700K

    Can you share how you were able to get sleep working ? Thanks
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    erik's 5ghz Coffee Lake Build: i7-8700k - Asrock Z370 Extreme 4 - GTX 960 - 64gb RAM

    do you reckon i could use the same efi for the asrock z370 taichi?
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    Asrock Z370 Taichi/Thunderbolt/8700K

    any luck with the sleep reboot issue?
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    Likelihood of success for a Z370+8700k build NOW?

    If I were to try to install High Sierra on an 8th-gen hardware on October 5th, what is the likelihood of success? What tweaks can I make to ensure it goes smoothly? I realize that Apple is not going to adopt coffee lake right out the gate, but I had seen people successfully installing Sierra on...
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    Acer Aspire S 13 S5-371T

    great, that's what i used. just needed a confirmation.
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    Acer Aspire S 13 S5-371T

    did you format your usb as GPT or MBR? I'm following this guide:
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    [GUIDE] [Skylake] El Capitan MSI Z170A-Tomahawk + i5 6600K + GTX 970

    @Leeum did you get the m.2 Bluetooth and WiFi that came with the board to work? Which kext did you use for that?
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    Acer Aspire S 13 S5-371T

    sweet!! thanks, this is great news. can't you post your dsdt and have someone in the dsdt forum help you fix the brightness?
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    GA z170x gaming g1 compatibility?

    Product link
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    GA z170x gaming g1 compatibility?

    I'm thinking of getting this mobo as its at a pretty good price now. How is the overall compatibility? Will the killer wifi work? It also has a pretty sweet creative sound core dac. Are there drivers for this now?
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    Acer Aspire S 13 S5-371T

    OK, I'll give it my best shot. Thanks for your efforts on the forums!