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    Hack to iMac

    What would be the downside of just copying my Hack's "Applications" folder to the iMac's "Applications" folder, and the same for the user folder?
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    Hack to iMac

    Hi all, It looks like I'll be getting an iMac, and I want to transfer everything from my Hack to the new iMac. Obviously I'm talking about my applications (paid ones) and files. My current Hack has a separate SSD for the OS/Apps, and a HDD for all of my files. What's the best and fastest way...
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    Is my hard drive dying?

    Hi all, When I'm done using my Hack I put it to sleep and walk away. The past couple of times I've come back to it, it's been awake. When it does that I have to do a hard shut down and then reboot. It happens - no biggie. However, the past couple of times it's taken a few minutes to open iTunes...
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    How to Fix iMessage

    I get that, so why wasn't it incorporated into Chimera or Multibeast, I guess is my point.
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    How to Fix iMessage

    I did not because I assumed it would be incorporated into the newest Chimera release. Also, after reading through the thread today there seems to be some saying that FileNVRAM v1.1.4 isn't working correctly with OS X 10.10.3.
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    How to Fix iMessage

    So far I have gone without iMessage while sticking with legacy boot loader Chimera. My hope was that the FileNVRAM issue would get sorted out and loaded into a new Chimera release, and that way I wouldn't have to switch to Clover. I just updated to 10.10.3, and I also installed the newest...
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    Is my Hackintosh Running at 100%?

    On that point, did you reset the BIOS settings before installing OS X or did you leave it as it came? That can make a huge difference. From: STEP 3: Recommended BIOS...
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    Is my Hackintosh Running at 100%?

    Your Geekbench score seems incredibly low. With an i7 and 16gb of ram, I'd think you'd be well over 10000. Did you buy your Hack as it currently is (with the OS installed), or did you install OS X yourself?
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    How to Fix iMessage

    Should we expect an updated File NVRAM to be included in the next release of either MultiBeast or Chimera standalone? Now that NVRAM has been updated, and the previous restrictions are off of iMessage, there shouldn't be any issues...
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    OS X 10.10.2 Update

    My update was smooth, as I just had to reinstall audio and trim. However, my graphics card is no longer fully identified. It is showing as AMD 6xxx. Bluetooth, wifi, and handoff all seem to be working perfectly (I'm using Apple wifi/bluetooth hardware). I'm not sure if it's related to this...
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    iTunes Match

    I'm not sure if this is a Hack issue or not, as I had trouble finding anything on the web, but I subscribe to iTunes Match. Occasionally when I restart my Hack, I need to re-login to iTunes Match and it treats my system as if it's the first time I've logged into Match. This is my only system...
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    3rd Party SATA Kext for Yosemite

    Some systems are having issues with the 3rd party SATA kext, which for me prevents my system to boot. I know it's not essential to use this kext, as I haven't been since updating, but an updated version would be great. If that's possible.
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    Continuity and Handoff Capable Apple Mini Cards + PCIe and mini-PCIe Adapters

    I'm hoping someone here can help. I purchased via eBay the following: - PCI E Adapter - Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD I put them into my hack running Yosemite and identified as a Mac Pro Early 2008. AirDrop is working between my Hack and my iPhone. Phone calls can be made with FaceTime via my...
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    iMessage Yosemite Solution Thread (non-Clover only)

    Yes, but that involves Clover. The point of this thread is to compile all the efforts and data people have found in order to not use Clover. Until the leaders at announce that Clover is the only way, it seems like there should be a way to get things working with Chimera. As I...