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    [Guide] Lenovo Z50-70/Z40-70/G50-70/G40-70 using Clover UEFI

    Great guide. Not only was able to get everything up and running, but I also could successfully to macOS Catalina. Just one small issue though. Pressing cmd+P doesn't seem to input anything. Pressing cmd will all the other keys works. I wonder what might be causing this issue....
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    [Guide] Lenovo G50-70 and Z50-70 Bios whitelist removal

    Hi, I was able to remove the Wifi-whitelist in my Lenovo Z50-70 (i5-4210U with GeForce 840M and 12 gigs of RAM). But somehow, High Sierra does not detect any wifi networks. In the Network Settings, a new option christened "Bluetooth PAN" arrived, which shows that the whitelisting was...