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    ALC1150 Audio Driver Install with MultiBeast

    I seemed to have missed the audio driver in my install. Or it didn't work properly. Is it possible to use install just the driver I need through Multibeast? I don't want to remove all the other drivers that are installed and working I just want to install the audio driver. Is MB the way to do...
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    SAS Ports with Gigabyte

    did you end up getting one of these card? which did you go with and what was the install process?
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    Need Help with MultiBeast - Can't Get USB Ports Working

    is it possible to use multibeast again to install new kext or does the drive need to be wiped and the whole process started over? i can't seem to get my USB ports on the mobo (Z97X-UD5H) to work. i've used different kext recommended in different threads but nothing seems to be working. i need...
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    usb freeze on GA-Z97x-UD5H, please help

    I'm having the same problem. I tried to use the kext found here but i still have some problems. but maybe try that?
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    IOUSBFamily did not receive enough extra current for the SuperSpeed device (Device Hub)... asked for

    It now seems to boot with the bootflags -v -f This is after I followed the kext install here Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
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    IOUSBFamily did not receive enough extra current for the SuperSpeed device (Device Hub)... asked for

    I've gotten the error in the title and tried to find workarounds on the forums but none seem to work. I tried KextBeast with the GenericUSB kext. But that resulted in none of my USB 2.0 ports by the P/S port working or any SS USB3.0 ports working. I also tried unplugging the power supply for...
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    Fresh build for main graphic design machine. Wondering if this will work?

    would you be able to point me in the right direction of the kext edit i would need? i bought the 3800 and can't return it and dont mind doing the edit to get the machine working. thanks!
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    Kernel Panic with GA Z97X-UD5H after Multibeast install

    what was your solution? im also having this problem and dont know what the next step should be.
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    Kernel Panic at UniBeast installer, Mavericks+Haswell

    Can using a VGA monitor during the launch of unibeast cause a kernel panic?