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    Supercharged G4 Cube Mod: i5, GTX 750Ti and 3TB 3.5” HD in a cube!

    Awesome cube mod, basically you halfway built a new one from scratch! A 760 ti should be possible to get to run inside the 200W power envelope. I have a AMD HD7850 running off a Pico160xt and Dell DA-2, and thats rock stable. My CPU should draw a little bit more than this one (Xeon E3 1230v2)...
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    G4 Cube Mod Design Questions

    Hello there, power-wise you'll most likely land between 150W and 200W, depending on where you push the GPU and how far you can undervolt the CPU. Those calculators always come up far above what you really need - just don't use them. Best approach is to just get the hardware and run it on...
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    OS X 10.9.5 Update

    Same thing for me, latest Multibeast 892 driver did not work for Asrock Z77M-ITX on 10.9.4, had to use older Multibeast. Will stay on 10.9.4 until Yosemite because of to much work for so little gain/time to Yosemite release.
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    Coreless Intel Cube

    Looks great, i really like it. A little bad apple you got there :)