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    problem in intalling kexts

    hi I installed High Sierra on my PC and now I tried to install the kexts from the multibeast and nothing is happening the kexts do not installed properly. I tried to install some kext whit the kextsbeast app and still the same thing. I also tried to install the kexts manually with the Terminal...
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    Problem in Booting and Nvidia drivers

    Ok got it What about my first problem? I can't boot properly
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    Problem in Booting and Nvidia drivers

    So there is anything I can do about it?
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    Problem in Booting and Nvidia drivers

    hi guy I recently installed Mac OS Mojave on my pc and then I ran the multibeast app to install drivers. the usb and ethernet working great but I have 2 problems. 1: sometimes when I boot to Mac the bar is filled and then stuck so i can't reach the desktop. and I have to reboot. I let it run in...
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    [Solved] Crash in installation

    Thanks allot . I managed to install successfully
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    [Solved] Crash in installation

    Hi After I go to the installation and select to install mojave to my SSD, the bar is quickly filled(in a very suspicious way) to the half of it and says there is 2 minutes left. And then the PC shutdown and reboot without warning. After the reboot I went to the SSD to complete the installation...
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    Can't reach the installer -mojave

    Hi I'm new to the hackintosh world and I'm trying to get the hackintosh working on my PC so I did everything from the installation guide but when I press the installation button in the clover boot, I get black screen and nothing is happening. My pc: Cpu: Intel i5 3470 Motherboard: gigabyte...