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    3x 24 inch Ultrafine displays? Possible at all?

    So I use both a recent MacBook Pro and a Windows PC. The PC has a Titan Ridge Thunderbolt3 card which works well with my 5k Ultrafine. The issue is that the 3D work I do involves a lot of windows and I would prefer 3 Ultrafines. I know these new displays support daisy chaining, but would this be...
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    Is this possible? Titan Ridge + dual LG 5k

    Hey all! So I've been using a 5k with Titan Ridge and it works perfectly. But then I bought a second 5K and plugged the TB cable into the second TB slot on the Ridge and it won't power. The PC sees both monitors as thunderbolt devices, but it won't detect a second display. Whichever monitor was...