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    Gigabyte X79-UP4 Rev1.1 (F8) with Xeon E5-2680 V2 (10core) - need help

    I have a Dual Xeon E5 2630 v2 (6 Core)x2 System with 64 GB ECC Ram and a Titan GPU. I hope I don't have any issues. I'm stuck on making a Multi-Beast Bootable Thumb drive since I do not have a Mac. I did get my ASUS G73 going awhile back with Lion, but I need to get the Mac OS on my Desktop...
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    G73jh Backlight for Keyboard

    To everyone on this forum, Thank you all for your support, tutorials, instructions, etc. While it took me two days to get my G73 Hackentosh to work correctly, everything including power features appear and dual booting into Windows 7 seems to be working fine. For those of you with installation...