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    Intel Hades Canyon NUC?

    Hey All, Just wanted to say that I've tried to get the installation going 5-6 times, using different USB sticks, using both Mojave and High Sierra. It all failed on the last step on the installation where the OS will try to initiate a GPU of some kind (that normally distorts the screen for a few...
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    RTX 2080Ti/2080/2070

    I've pre-ordered a GTX 2080 Ti, I dual boot a lot so I might use this in windows primarily, lets see if there will be OSX Nvidia drivers at any point. The 1080 Ti card works quite well in OSX playing Tomb Raider at 4k@60Hz.
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    gtx 1080ti suddenly not loading webdriver

    This is now working since NVIDIA has released a new WEB DRIVER (378.05.05.25f03) that works with Sierra. So it was a "feature".
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    gtx 1080ti suddenly not loading webdriver

    My profile include my hackintosh, what else do I need? Perhaps I was not clear, but I have not changed the kext as it already reflect my OSX version (as stated it has not changed)
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    gtx 1080ti suddenly not loading webdriver

    First: I have NOT upgraded to High Sierra. Still on Sierra. However I'm running 10.12.6 and earlier this week my hackintosh had rebooted after an "security" upgrade (i didn't want). The security updates has a really compelling name "Security Update Developer Beta 2007-001" - Yes it was...
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12.6 (378.05.05.25)

    So Web Drivers work as expected, however I have a few issues, not sure they are related to WebDriver or OSX (10.12.6). 1.) Cannot play Netflix in Safari, does not work at all. ITunes HD works. 2.) Some games crashes more or less instantly, i.e. Transport Fever 3.) I have no Power Management...
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    HTML5 not working in Safari for Netflix

    For me Netfix does not work at all in Safari (on 10.12.6) - Im not being asked to install Silverlight, just getting a error: S7381-1204 The error seems to be related to the HTML5 player, I've also encountered other errors indicating a DRM issue. Shiki and Lilu is installed and I can play DRM...
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    [Fix] 10.12/10.13 Nvidia 2/3/4/5/6/7/9/10xx Series Black Screen

    This worked like a charm for me :) Thanks! I'm on Kaby Lake so my closest mac would be one of the 18,x models, and these does not work well with the NVIDIA WebDrivers, i.e. black screen (but computer not crashed) Changing board-id worked and my eGPU GTX 980 Ti now worked without me having to...
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    10.12 Nvidia Pascal Web Driver disaster reloaded under 10.13 High Sierra?

    Why would Apple ship them? They have no official support for most NVIDIA cards as they picked AMD. Apple is all about controlling their eco system, has always been at the core since Steve decided that expansion is a bad thing. Apple can decide what they support, period. If they for some reason...
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    Post macOS/OS X Geekbench Benchmarks

    System: Intel NUC, Kaby Lake - i7 Memory: 32 GB GPU: External GeForce 980 Ti, connected with Thunderbolt 3 GPU Test: Running CUDA
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    Anyone tried eGPU with Thunderbolt 3 on Hackintosh? (Intel NUC)

    Thanks. I actually got it to work. Deleted /S/L/E/NV*.kext Rebooted with nv_disable=1 Re-installed the WebDrivers Changed the Mac Def = 14,1 Rebooted Viola - 4k Displayport screen.. However 14,1 does not seems to work with my BT USB stick so I lost my Apple Keyboard. Running 18,1 (that I...
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    Anyone tried eGPU with Thunderbolt 3 on Hackintosh? (Intel NUC)

    Hi, Recently I bought a Akitio Node for my 7th generation intel Nuc (Kaby Lake) mainly to use it in Windows and try it on my MacBook 2016. That has worked fine without any issues. My GPU is an old GeForce 980 Ti. However as the Intel NUC only have one DP (delivered over USB-C/Thunderbolt...
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    How to enable 'Kaby Lake' Intel 6xx Graphics (10.12.6+)

    All graphics cards today have hardware based encoding/decoding but perhaps that is enabled on Nvidia drivers? Kaby Lake iGPUs has also encoding/decoding of H.365/hevc, that not all GPUs can do today Only supported by High Sierra Beta
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    Kaby lake HD 630 problem

    Yes now I'm also running 650, thanks for that !!!! I've used 18,3 (As I have an i7 Kaby Laky) but changing to 18,1 worked for me :))) However most/some games does not work well, starting with black screen, extremely slow etc. Did work in "emulated" HD 540. Not sure if they use metal. Running...
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    How to enable 'Kaby Lake' Intel 6xx Graphics (10.12.6+)

    If you run Geekbench or OpenGL Extension Viewer does these tools detect your GPU as KBL?