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    Skylake Status Update 10.11.4

    Thanks! After reading this I'm ready to try hackintosh on my skylake build.
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    Skylake Intel HD 530 Integrated Graphics Working as of 10.11.4

    Wonderful! Maybe it is time for me to try to install El Cap on my skylake build.
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    OS X 10.11.1 Update

    Awesome! I like seeing the support for skylake! I appreciate all the work you do tony!
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for 10.10.4 (346.01.03, 346.02.02)

    Just got a notification of 346.02.02f03.
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    [Benchmark] El Capitan Public Beta vs Yosemite 10.10.4

    I doubt you will be able to get the test working in davinci mainly because the test seems to use a lot of generators and effects that are specific to FCP 10. If you want to do some tests with davinci you can try the standard candle test That said I doubt...
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    How to Create a OS X El Capitan Public Beta Installation USB Using Clover

    i'm excited for this. hopefully i'll have some time in the next few days to try it out! You guys rock!
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    Best Video Card for final cut and Premiere

    with that much information i'd say get dual if not triple Titan X. but seriously, need more info to make a recommendation. what are you planning on doing? how much performance do you want? what effects are you running? Adobe does OpenCL and Cuda and from personal experience Cuda (read: NVidia)...
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    NVIDIA Alternate Graphics Drivers (346.01.02f04)

    Just upgraded and no issues here with a titan X. Will report back if i do encounter anything.
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    Anyone using 10 GbE or SFP+ on a hackintosh?

    did you end up using any of these cards? or finding another one that works? I'm looking for a 10gb connection
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    Can't boot with clover and RAID drives

    I have 2x2tb WD black drives in RAID 0 using software raid from disk utility and when I try to boot clover freezes on the scanning entries screen. It works fine if I unplug one of the drives from the raid and insert it again after scanning and before booting, but obviously I don't want to open...
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    R9 290X, Yosemite, and Dual Displays

    I think the video is basically showing how to enable igfx and the r9 so the r9 is still only powering one monitor and the internal graphics is powering the other.
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    PCI-e to SATA Controller Card for Mac 10.9.2 (ASM1061 vs Marvell 88 SE 9215)

    incase anyone is searching and/or cares. I ended up getting IO Crest SATA III 4 Port PCI-e 2.0 x1 Card with Low Profile Bracket SI-PEX40064 from amazon (here) it works great in 10.9.5 once i figured out which pci slot to put it in. It was really finicky at first. It would only work sometimes...
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    PCI-e to SATA Controller Card for Mac 10.9.2 (ASM1061 vs Marvell 88 SE 9215)

    you still recommend the marvell? is it still working with yosemite? I'm still on mavericks and want to get this card, and eventually update to yosemite
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    Need advice on how to use RAID0 for both OS X & Win 7

    I constantly cross boot between mac and windows so I recently got macdrive so I can use my mac formatted drives on mac and windows (I don't trust exfat as it has failed me too many a times) and it has an option of accessing mac raid in the menus. I haven't used it but I saw it as an option.
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    System Freeze - Z77-DS3H rev 1.1 - 10.9.1

    Yeah I would also like an answer to this. I have the exact same issue cause I use a nas to store tons of video for my work but it freezes half the time trying to copy crap over. I've looked into both those cards but I need them to work 100% of the time guarantee that they will work OOB