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    OSInstall.mpkg Appears Damaged - Trying to Create Installer

    I have been looking for a solution for 3 days!!! you are my hero
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    Update Directly to macOS High Sierra

    after i put apfs.efi in efi partition, this message show up when boot. is it OK?
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    does xtrafinder work on high sierra?

    I am considering upgrade to high sierra, but one thing bothering me is whether xtrafinder work fine on the new update. Anyone tested it?
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    Apple Reveals macOS High Sierra at WWDC - Available Fall 2017

    I am using 7700k + rx580 with 10.12.5 with no problem now, except sleep and wake
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    Skylake + R9 390 FCPX Crash

    try final cut pro 10.2 instead of 10.3
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    Name the Next macOS (10.13)

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    [Solved]HD630 with only 7mb VRAM

    Great!!!! HECI->IMEI rename patch save my ass!! Problem solved and thx so much!!! Now my final cut pro start crashing. Time to move on to another problem.
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    [Solved]HD630 with only 7mb VRAM

    with -v option the result is shown in the attachment
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    [Solved]HD630 with only 7mb VRAM

    Yes. IGPU is primary. BTW, i use hdmi to connect igpu
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    [Solved]HD630 with only 7mb VRAM

    After i changed the id to 0x19120000, sierra refuse to boot showing only the white apple and the progress bar 2/3 loaded. Any idea? is it related to my AMD RX580?
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    [Solved]HD630 with only 7mb VRAM

    what id shall I use for HD630
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    [Solved]HD630 with only 7mb VRAM

    Updated from 10.12.3 to 10.12.5 with lilu and intelgraphicfix installed. Both rx580 and hd630 work, but hd630 only has 7mb without accerlation. Any idea? my build: intel 7700k Gigabyte z270x-ud5 samsung sm961 256G nvme rx 580 thx
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    macOS 10.12.5 Update

    I have a 7700k with HD 630 and I have the same problem with glitches & 7mb reported in "about this mac". Tried to disable AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer and platform-id=0x12345678, successfully boot but still has the problems. Have you fixed it?
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    macOS 10.12.5 Update

    did you install the two kext mentioned in this thread? is HD610 shown in the About this Mac?
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    macOS 10.12.5 Update

    I am able to upgrade my hackintosh from 10.12.3 to 10.12.5 using the two intel 530/630 graphics patches. But the monitor plug in the igpu is display as a projector instead of normal monitor causing the screen on igpu keep freshing. I check the system info and find out that the monitor is treated...