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    Name the Next macOS (10.15)

    mcaOS 10.15 AppleValley
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    Macbook air loop chiming any help?

    Encountered the very same boot-chime issue on my Macbook Air as well. Accidentally booted one of my custom Clover based macOS Sierra USB keys on the Air and then I first got the Clover boot screen, followed by the computer shutting down, then the chiming boot loop - just as you described. Quicky...
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    iPad Pro macOS

    axel9546 said: ↑ "Okay, but this mean osx could run on it with fake cpu injection? or in other ways?" iPad "Pros" are in actuality: really just regular iPads with a bit more horsepower and the ability to use a stylus. (iPad Plus's). They would have to at least have an Atom CPU to even begin...
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    What's the oldest computer you use on a regular basis?

    I have on hand and use on and off a G4 Digital Audio Powermac that's been upgraded with a Sonnet G4 1.4GHz Processor and boot from a 500GB SATA I/II Hard Drive that's attached to a bootable LaCie 2-port SATA PCI card. I also have another internal 80GB IDE drive that still boots OS 9.2.2. My...
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    Intel's 2013 "Haswell" CPU Lineup Exposed - Same Intel HD Graphics on All Models

    Naw! Sandy Bridge was the tick, and Ivy Bridge the tock. Haswell will begin the tick/tock cycle all over again...
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    MultiBeast 5.2 Update

    Article: MultiBeast 5.2 Update Why would any of you here who are reportedly having issues with this new version of MB (5.2.1) not have already cloned a complete back-up 'test' boot build on another HD, or partition within your Hackintosh for program upgrading and bug/tweak fixes like this one...