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    GPU shows as nvidia chip model 7mb

    Make sure you dont have any NV kext installed i have seen those being a problem
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    "Micro lags" GTX 970 Nvidia Web Driver

    remove the webdriver and just use (GraphicsEnabler=no 1920x1080x32)
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    GPU shows as nvidia chip model 7mb

    Remove the web driver and boot with the flag (GraphicsEnabler=no 1920x1080x32) and whatever flags you need to boot with GL
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    Graphics Cards Model #

    i can't see why not just make sure you boot with GraphicsEnabler=no and install the webdriver.
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    Random freeze Yosemite 10.10.5

    it looks like a Power Management problem go under sittings and tell it not to sleep the computer and never turn off drives are anything, i dont really know these old cpus i know skylake and up
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    New build, turns on and turns off :(

    sounds like the built was not done right, make sure you have the stands on the case for the MB looks like this and if you have those...
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    Freezing On Startup

    Hey i would try reinstalling the boot loader and then go from there just make a backup of your boot plst, i had to do that with mine and it worked like a charm and try -v -f -x npic=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=no if you card is built in then (yes)
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    USB 3.0 Only works if usb stick is inside during boot

    what are you running for KEXTs and what MB do u have ??
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    asus z97 deluxe nfc/wlc 10.8.5

    Yes i understand but when i have the Thunderbolt to gigabit plugged in at boot the USB ports will no longer work
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    asus z97 deluxe nfc/wlc 10.8.5

    Thunderbolt disables my usb keybroad and mouse Hey there so i got a hackintosh working on the asus z97 deluxe nfc/wlc the problem that i am having now is when i plug in my thunderbolt to ethernet cable my keybroad and mouse stop working, only if its pluged in at boot, but if its not plugged in...