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    Post OS X Cinebench CPU and Graphics Benchmarks

    @5.0 ghz
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    Anyone get 19,1 or 19,2 to work

    unknown cpu oc
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    Native NVRAM Available?

    nvram is not working native on z390 at least on this ga z390 aorus ultra needs emuvari and rc scripts.
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS High Sierra 10.13.0 (378.

    kext-dev-mode=1 is still a mystery to me been told that it stopped working after el capitan
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    Kaby lake HD 630 problem

    i have my hd 630 working via clover r4220 and boot arg -disablegfxfirmware with platform id 0x59120000 in high sierra
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    Native NVRAM Available?

    asus h170m-e-d3 bios rev 2202 which is current still has native nvram using with i3-7100
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    [NEW / TESTING] Intel 7th Generation Kaby Lake CPUs + 200 Series Motherboards in macOS

    20 pages of testing and not a single mention of NVRAM testing with emu/optiofix/optiofix2 on these boards. would be nice to see a list of motherboards with native NVRAM. Thanks. if you want to test if nvram is working go into terminal sudo nvram Stehor=WasHere put in your password then reboot go...
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    [Guide] Dell XPS 13 9360 on MacOS Sierra 10.12.x - LTS (Long-Term Support) Guide @fv316 old homes have ground issues that will cause coil whine this should fix it.sorry for being off topic
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    Restart Loop

    your config still shows injectintel yes change to no or false
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    Restart Loop

    disable intel injection the kp should clear then go back and double check what you installed with mb could also try to boot with ignore caches
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    Restart Loop

    clover auto detects to see if msr is locked if so it will turn on kernelpm so no point in having it checked
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    macOS Sierra PB: Need testers for new AMD Radeon drivers!

    the patch is for 16to36 cu not sure will work for rx470
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    macOS Sierra PB: Need testers for new AMD Radeon drivers!

    might be a good idea to make a config.plist and upload it
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    macOS Sierra PB: Need testers for new AMD Radeon drivers!

    the intel sleep issue is prolly related to you having smbiostrust false instead of true like it should be also know to cause laggy mouse after wake