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    Success GA-H61M-DS2 v.2.2 Board (GeForce 9800GT, i5 2500K, PCIe Airport Card)

    I tried this method but it didn't work for me. GA-H61M-DS2V (F3) Core i3-2100 4GB RAM Nvidia GeForce 450GTS OCZ Agility SSD 120GB Help? Edit: I should be more clear in saying that I can get as far as Step 1. I can install ML via Unibeast, and get to the desktop with PCIRootUID=0...
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    Help? GA H61M-DS2V verF3, NV 450

    Update: Some progress made. I was able to get a successful update and boot from disk. My Snow Leopard is now at version 10.6.8, with functional internet and App Store. Plugging in a USB flash drive doesn't cause Gray Screen of Death. Sound isn't working, and the VGA is low res. Here's what I...
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    Please Help!! Can install 10.6.3 but update to 10.6.8 failing...

    I'm having the same problems, too, although I'm using a Core i3 2100 with a Gigabyte H61-DS2V. Same video card. Also using an SSD. I'm interested in knowing if you ever find a solution.
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    Help? GA H61M-DS2V verF3, NV 450

    I'm at wit's end. Computer specs that matter: Mobo: Gigabyte H61M-DS2V Video: NVidia GeForce 450 GTS CPU: Core i3-2100 (Sandybridge) Storage: OCZ Vertex 120GB SSD, (there is also a plain HDD where Windows 7 lives) The Problem: -Can't boot successfully after installing Multibeast...