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    ASUS X299 Monterey Support

    Updated to 12.6. Smooth sailing here
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    macOS 12.3 Update Causes Problems for 5700/6800/6900 Graphics Cards

    Thank you. But I got around the problem by using SMBIOS MacPro7,1 and creating CPUFriend kext for better power management. All is good now!
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    macOS 12.3 Update Causes Problems for 5700/6800/6900 Graphics Cards

    Does anyone know if shikgva is dead in 12.3.1? I tried using whatevergreen 1.5.7 and shikgva=80 boot arg for SMBios iMac20,1 (Asus Z490 i7-10700k RX560) as well as reset NVRAM with no change in results. FairPlay 1(audio only) and 4 fail.
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    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Z590 VISION D + 11700K + RX 6600 XT

    I have the 11700k processor. But I have an Asus Gaming TUF z490 plus wifi board and don't plan on running Thunderbolt. So bare minimum to get it up and running (already have my USBMap.kext). Just need to run an SMBIOS MacPro7,1 What of your EFI is necessary for my CPU to work?
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    [Success] ASUS TUF Gaming Z490-PLUS - i9-10850K - Saphire Radeon RX590 Nitro+

    So, how did you get past the high CPU frequency/high temps with SMBIOS iMacPro1,1 ? When running SMBIOS iMac20,x then my CPU is idling normally and temps drop about 5 degrees Celsius. but iMacPro1,1 the CPU is idling at Mac turbo frequency which is obviously not a good thing for the CPU. Any...
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    ASUS X299 Monterey Support

    Update to 12.3.1 smooth as usual OC 079
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    macOS 12.3.1 Update

    Asus Tuf Z490 Plus (WIFI) OC 079 updated from 12.3 to 12.3.1 without issues.
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    flashguitar's Rocket Lake ATX: ASUS TUF GAMING Z490-PLUS - 11th-gen i5-11600K - Radeon RX 580w

    Did you map your USB ports? Bluetooth from my understanding has to be mapped and set to 255 in the usbmap.kext that you create.
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    Is it possible to watch Netflix in 4K with working DRM?

    Hey man, I have an RX 560 and was wondering if you were able to find a solution for this?
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    Hardware Acceleration and Decoding/DRM iMac18,3 Monterey

    I need some help getting everything running properly and without manual overrides. I have OC 079 installed on my machine: Z170-HD3, i7 7700k, Radeon RX 560 I set everything up according to the KablyLake guide here 1. I enabled my onboard iGPU in bios and used: OK. that means no need for...
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    ASUS X299 Monterey Support

    Awesome.. Thank you as usual :)
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    ASUS X299 Monterey Support

    Update to 12.3 using this guide's ASUS BASE-EFI OC 079 went smooth as usual. Question: Can I enable FileVault using your EFI?
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    macOS 12.3 Update

    Z170-HD3, i7 7700k, Gigabyte AMD Radeon 560, OC 0.7.9 Update went smooth
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    << Solved >> FaceTime issues in Monterey 12.2

    Alright... Finally... got it all sorted out and working. My problem was related to my SMBIOS even though iMessage and FaceTime half** worked. Here's what I had to do to get everything working properly: 1. Logged out of iCloud, iMessage, and FaceTime. Remove the device from your iCloud account...
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    << Solved >> FaceTime issues in Monterey 12.2

    OK, so I went through everything as instructed: 1. defaults read & defaults read both gave me sillier error messages 2. Went through my entire config.plist and no traces of shikigva or unfairgva 3. Now the framebuffer... a. I have i7 7700k which has a...