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    Error gpt boot fixed

    Thanks! Will this erase the disk?
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    Moarfish's build - GA-B75M-D3H i5 3570K

    Yep, it seems to install OK. Struggling with iMessage, but had that problem with Mavericks as well.... Noticed that the mute button on the apple keyboard works now - this never worked on previous OS versions with this hack. Good luck with the install!
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  9. Windows 8 (for the faint of heart)

    Windows 8 (for the faint of heart)

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    Moarfish's build - GA-B75M-D3H i5 3570K

    Thanks Moarfish - I've confirmed Chimera 2.0.1 has allowed me to login to iMessage again - too easy. I am running your exact build and install (as per your first post) on ML 10.8.2 (in a modified Powermac G4 Sawtooth case). Thanks for the update and great build!
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    G4 Blue & White Full-ATX Mod

    Excellent! I found one in a rubbish pile a few weeks ago (someone had dumped about 20 PCs for the council to collect and I couldn't resist rescuing the lonesome old school G4). I just spent the morning hacking it up to fit an mATX mobo inside, came online for some inspiration and found this...