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    Unable to Install Catalina, System Won't Boot Properly (even with my Boot USB). HELP!

    Hello everyone, After a lot of hesitation, I attempted to upgrade my "mac" (GZ87X-UD5H, Intel Core i7 4770K, EVGA GTX 760) to Catalina directly using the instalation guide. I upgraded my Boot USB to the latest version of Unibeast and installed Catalina. Here's the problem. I am unable to boot...
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    Which Drivers Should I Use for Mojave Post-Installation?

    Update: I somehow have working audio. However, my computer locks itself in a restart loop everytime I try to turn it on. I'm only able to log in via my USB drive
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    Which Drivers Should I Use for Mojave Post-Installation?

    Hello everybody! It's been a very long time I finally got around to installing Mojave on my Hackintosh, and am currently having some issues. Audio is not working properly, and every time I try to restart my computer, it gets caught in a "restart-loop" where it keeps restarting over and over...
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    suddenly loosing audio or after sleep (ALC898)

    Multibeast 6.1.0 will work. Just make sure that your audio driver is the only thing selected, and you will have audio no problem, all the time.
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    2400mhz on my haswell 4770k

    You have to go into your BIOS. From your BIOS, instead of having your memory clock set on auto, set it to 2400mhz. That's it. A similar thing happend to me. I have 1600mhz memory and it was running at 1333mhz. The fix was going into the BIOS, and setting the memory from auto to, in my case...
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    ALC 898 No Audio After Sleep 10.9.3

    Hi all, So whenever my computer falls asleep, I lose the audio. When I restart it, it's back. My motherboard is a gigabyte Z87X-UD5H, which means I use the ALC898 driver. It's getting annoying that my computer falls asleep and wakes up with no audio. Can somebody please help? Thanks,
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    Hackintosh Not Booting Properly No Matter What I Do. HELP!

    Thank you so much! I unplugged the data cables for my fusion drive array and my computer sucessfully booted. Thank you for sharing a similar system!
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    Hackintosh Not Booting Properly No Matter What I Do. HELP!

    Hi all, My hackintosh has not been booting properly for the past two weeks. I have tried using my recovery USB drive, as well as booting in safe and verbose modes with no success. Below are pictures of the kernal panics I have received First off is what happens when I turn my computer on...
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    iMessage/Facetime fix

    Could you tell me how to install Clover bootloader properly? And yes, there is a credit card attached to my apple ID.
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    iMessage/Facetime fix

    Hello everybody! So I am getting frustrated with iMessage not working. It acknowledges my Apple ID ending with, but says (Inactive) after it. I do have a fusion drive and maybe that's what's wrong, but could someone please give me a imessage fix that allows me to use my fusion drive...
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    Use Unibeast to install Mavericks on a real iMac (or any other Apple computer)

    Hi, Since I don't have 10 hours to install Mavericks on my Late 2009 iMac, I thought I'd use Unibeast instead. Guess what? It works! Instead of 10 hours on DSL, I downloaded Mavericks in 20 minutes! Here's how. So let's say you erased your hard drive on your Apple computer, and your...
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    What Drivers to install for my system.

    Thank you for your help. Do I also need to worry about the following components? Fans: 2 Noctua NF F12 and NF P14 Corsair H80i Hydro Cooler and RM750 Power Supply. CD Drive: Sony AD-7280s-0B RAM: Corsair Vengence (Probably overreacting on this one) Sorry if I've been annoying, but thank...
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    What Drivers to install for my system.

    Hi, I'm a first timer building with a couple friends. I would appreciate it if someone(s) could help me out with the correct drivers in Multibeast. Motherboard: Gigabyte Z87X UD5H Processor: Intel Core i7 4770K Graphics Card: EVGA GTX 760 4GB FTW If this helps, here's the other...