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    Lower GTX 1080 Performance than GTX 1070

    I disagree with the CPU part, as you can see my CPU is nowhere better than OP's, but my score is higher. I do have a PCI-E nvme SSD, that could speed up loading and maybe other stuff, but since eventually it will be cached in the RAM, I don't think the storage will be a big factor.
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    Lower GTX 1080 Performance than GTX 1070

    My 1060 However, I found a bug that after sleep the certain part of screen blinking, the problem can be solved by re-attaching the display cable(DP). I can run cuda samples and run Dota 2, but FPS in dota2 is < 40% than it was on Windows 10. Also, I can feel there are some lags during...
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    [SOLVED] New Nvidia web driver(378.05.05.05f01) will break night shift in Sierra 10.12.4

    Mine card is GTX 1060, night shift works just fine(though never used). However, the bigger problem is the iBook bug and related metal driver issues. In overall, the GFX performance is still not on par with windows, dota2 fps dropped from 120fps to 40-65.
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    [SOLVED] Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080/1070

    iBook bug still there