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    Boot theme changed after Yosemite

    I upgraded my 10.9 to 10.10 following the install guide and now when I boot I no longer get my installed chimera theme. Previously it would boot up using the last drive I selected after a short countdown. Now I am presented with USB, Macintosh HD and my Backup Drive. I have to choose one - there...
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    Can't find mach_kernal no matter what I do!

    Same issue here. If I boot from USB I am able to get it up and running properly but I'd rather not boot from USB everytime. GA-Z77X-UP5 TH i7-3770K HD 4000
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    Setting Chameleon Boot Screen Resolution

    For whatever reason, changing these values does not affect the boot screen resolution. It still shows up in a different aspect ratio and pixelated. That's why I was assuming I needed to change the graphics mode in org.chameleon.Boot.plist but that causes the boot loop issue I mentioned earlier.
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    Setting Chameleon Boot Screen Resolution

    Thanks, I tried that but it has no effect.
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    Setting Chameleon Boot Screen Resolution

    Hi All, I am trying to set the boot screen resolution in Mavericks and running into issues. I've tried adding: <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>2560x1440x32</string> /* I have a cinema display */ to org.chameleon.Boot.plist but any changes I make cause my build to go into an...
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    Boot hangs on "DRMStatus iTunes/Apple Store Content Access Problem"

    I'm attempting to get Mavericks installed on my GA-Z77X-UP5 TH. I Followed the guide from the front page, I'm able to install Mavericks but I can only successfully reboot using -v -x; if i try to reboot normally (actually using -v so I can see whats going on) it hangs on this message...
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    Step by Step Fix for iMessage - Requires Clover (Alternate Bootloader)

    Yes, I removed the drive then rebooted. When iMessage launched after reboot it came up with the typical sign-in error.
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    Step by Step Fix for iMessage - Requires Clover (Alternate Bootloader)

    This worked until I removed the pen drive and rebooted. Then iMessage fails to sign in again.
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    Z77X-UP5 + Thunderbolt Display = Intermittent Failed Boots

    Have you installed FakeSMC from Multibeast?
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    one sleep/wake solution for z77 ep5th

    I disabled PLL but my system still can't sleep without using the PleaseSleep app. I've noticed everyone in this thread is using a graphics card - does this not work with onboard HD 4000?
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    OS X 10.8.2 Update

    Front page says there's 30+ comments here; I'm only able to see 8. Anyone else unable to see them?
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    No USB 3.0 after wake from sleep on ga-z77x-up5 TH

    To fix the "kernel[0]: FireWire GUID 0000000000000000 is invalid!" error, disable firewire (1394) on your motherboard in BIOS.
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    "FireWire GUID 0000000000000000 is invalid!" console error?

    It should definitely be in there somewhere since it's a feature of the motherboard. I can't imagine why they would remove the ability to disable it, but who knows?
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    "FireWire GUID 0000000000000000 is invalid!" console error?

    What BIOS version are you running? Mine is F3. The Firewire controller is just listed as 1394 i believe. I had to poke around a bit to find it. After switching it off the messages stopped.
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    Backup Solutions For Your Mac or CustoMac

    I use Super Duper to clone my SSD and I'm able to boot from it without Chimera.