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    An iDiot's Guide To iMessage

    Did not work for me. Mac Reboots itself now after 2 minutes back on the desktop. I suspect it had to do with a messed up Clover Configurator. It did not have any SmUUID in there when I followed the guide so I went back and followed the redacted steps for generating one in terminal, pasted it in...
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    Mojave doing nothing but black screen

    Just sitting there forever never loading at the "Loading Operating System ..." screen. All instructions followed to the letter to create install media. I'm pretty savvy at this stuff and have built several hackintoshes since Snow Leopard, but this is a "deal breaker" after waiting almost an hour...
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    Solved > UniBeast never completing disk

    Update, it took about 50 minutes to complete. A bit more than the 10 minutes or so the guide indicates.
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    Solved > UniBeast never completing disk

    The USB seems to have the right amount of space used. But Unibeast has been running now for over 30 minutes and it's never moving from about 1/8 complete.
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    LAN RTL8111 does not work on sierra 10.12.16 yet?

    I know I'm late to this party, just wanted to say thanks very much for the info, I just updated my old build to Sierra and wasn't getting gigabit til I followed your instructions. You're a lifesaver! :)
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    UniBeast: Install OS X Yosemite on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    Article: UniBeast: Install OS X Yosemite on Any Supported Intel-based PC From what I've been reading if you skip Section 6 in the instructions it will install the upgrade on top of the previous OS. Make a backup first of course. And re Maxafari this is a brand new 16GB Lexar drive but...
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    First Hackintosh: Mountain Lion installed fine, but I can't boot from HDD without UniBeast/Safe Boot

    I'm just wondering why on two machines with exactly same specs except one has 15-2500k and other has i3-2120, and I'm using different hard drives (HyperX SSD on one, Seagate 500gb 7200 on the other) I can install flawlessly on the i5 and getting all this same bs I see here with the i3...
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    Slow Boot with SSD Solved

    Most Welcome, enjoy the new fast boots :)
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    Would a i3 Work With This

    i3 2120 is fine. I built two recently with them. But I would definitely go for a better graphics card, at least go with a 128 bit.
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    How to enable 5.1-channel analogue audio in OS X

    I'm thinking I like this idea as well and it's cheap: I like the Logitech idea, however I believe there are very few "computer speakers" with that capability. I'm sure I can run these channels to my home theater system from the computer...
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    How to enable 5.1-channel analogue audio in OS X

    This is a great guide and I'm going to use it soon as I get some additional speakers. I'd like to address a couple of the questions, I don't quite get it. If each OUT supports 2 channels, and you plug in a USB 7.1 set to a single USB out, how would that work except for the separation in...
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    Slow Boot with SSD Solved

    So I have been looking everywhere trying to come up with a solution for this 1:30 boot time on this new SSD build. I found it after some hours of testing various things. Key is to disable the Onboard VGA check on the MB. See the screen shot. It went from 1:15-1:30 boot time to 15 seconds! I...