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    [Solved] iMessage stopped working with Clover >4428

    Do you have 2FA on?
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    [Solved] iMessage stopped working with Clover >4428

    I have the same issue, without any solution yet.
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    [Solved] FixShutdown not working after update to 10.13.2

    How is this resolved?
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    Apple account locked.

    Were/Are you using a copied serial number?
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    "About this mac" reports 1 GHz/Mhz too much on CPU and RAM. Problem?

    It should round up correctly actually. What are you reading in your BIOS and in boot log (from clover?)?
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    Adding/Using HiDPI custom resolutions

    Sorry I didn't meant this specific guide. I meant display overrides. I could up until 10.8.3 get 1920*1080 in HiDPI (3840*2160), but after apple updated the nvidia graphics drivers and iokit with more restrictions it didn't work. Up until 10.8.5 I could revert the graphics drivers, but after...
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    Adding/Using HiDPI custom resolutions

    Sadly this procedure stopped working for me since 10.8.3 :(
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    Graphics glitch with GTX970 in Yosemite 10.10.5

    It may be overheating due to non matched graphics power management to your system definition. To confirm that do stress tests under windows and see if you have artifacts there too.
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    ALC889 Audio not working .

    How about your usb3 ports?
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    Sandbox Corrupted permisions

    Since the repairPermissions option deprecated from diskutil you can't repair permissions. Well you shouldn't be using it anyway, since there is rootless mode now. There is no indication or support document about this messages, I would just ignore them. They may just verbose logs of that process...
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    [Guide] 10.11+ USB changes and solutions

    Thanks rehabman. I was able to enable all my disabled usb ports, by renaming EHC* to EH0* to avoid the built-in port injectors. Is there any solution to enable USB3 on non-intel chipsets, on VIA more precisely?
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    GTX 570 Problem

    nv_disable=1 disables the nvidia drivers. I have two working gtx570s in el capitan. I just needed to inject nvidia in bootloader. What bootloader and what machine id do you use?
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    Blackscreen after Apple Boot Logo

    Of course. As I've said, I already have a fully functioning system. With the same configs and even with the clover I have the same result. I could reverse my OS X install image to a previous version (thanks to time machine). With that Image I don't have that information. And no, it wasn't a...
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    Blackscreen after Apple Boot Logo

    I'm having a similar problem. I already have a fully functioning 10.8 Installation and I could even install and test 10.9.2. After I've updated my (Mac App Store) OS X installation file to the latest version 1.3.42 I get a black screen after apple boot logo. Everything else still works (so no...
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    Chimera 3.0 Update

    MacMan, would you please update your svn branch? Thanks for your hard work…