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    Waking from sleep after 30 seconds

    My hackintosh wakes from sleep every 30 seconds. The fans start, the display comes on showing the login screen, then it goes back to sleep again. It does this every 30 seconds. I just updated to 10.15.4 hoping this might fix it - but it is still doing it. Any advice on how to fix?
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    Solved > Weird root permissions issue after installing catalina

    In case anyone gets into this situation - booting into single user mode and changing permissions as suggested here worked:
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    Solved > Weird root permissions issue after installing catalina

    But the problem is sudo is failing - so I can't actually run those commands!
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    Solved > Weird root permissions issue after installing catalina

    Hi there, Just discovered I can't run sudo from terminal after installing catalina, I get the following message: "sudo: /usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set" Has anyone encountered this before or know how to fix it? thanks. Sam.
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    No wifi after catalina

    My wifi has stopped working after installing catalina. I've tried installing lilu, AirportBRCMfixup and editing config.plist as suggested here: I've also tried installing the...
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    no entry sign for mojave 14.5

    I'm building a new hackintosh system using z390 Auros Pro wifi motherboard. I managed to get an earlier version on mojave (not entirely sure which one) working with unibeast, then tried to update to 14.5 and the update caused it to get stuck on a no entry sign screen on boot. I then made a...
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    Will RX580 work on older motherboard?

    Thanks that’s what I suspect too. Yes I did try lily and wg
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    Will RX580 work on older motherboard?

    I just bought a sapphire RX580 to replace my nvidia card so I can upgrade to mojave, but I am struggling to get it to boot. After the bootloader it just goes to a black screen. Having read a few posts I am beginning to suspect it is not compatible with my GA-z68-ud5-b3 motherboard. I see people...
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    Getting dual monitors to work on Mojave?

    Is it possible to get dual monitors working on Mojave before the Nvidia drivers are released? I am using Nvidia 970 and GA-z68x-ud5-b3 motherboard. I just did a clean install of Mojave and have everything working except only one monitor. I have tried installing Core Graphics Fixup/Whatever green...
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    macOS 10.13.5 Update

    had to patch AppleAHCIPort.kext after upgrading as my second hard drive was not mounting
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    Dead usb ports

    Thanks - didn't help unfortunately..
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    Dead usb ports

    The usb ports on my hackintosh appear to have died. First I had no response from the keyboard (plugged in to front port) but it started working again when I unplugged all the rear ports. Today there is no response from front or rear ports - usb seems to be completely dead. Which obviously means...
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    crashing after install

    Thanks - I had a go at generating a SDDT for my CPU but it didn't seem to work - I ran the script, and placed the generated SSDT in the 'patched' folder but when searching for XCPM in Console nothing shows up - which I guess means it hasn't worked? Not sure if I'm missing a step somewhere. Was...
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    crashing after install

    I have installed Nvidia web drivers, but haven't tried cpus=1, the kext or SSDT.. will look into thanks. Is using MaciASL the best way to generate SSDTs? Are these either/or options or do I need to do all?