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    OS X 10.11.3 Update

    I had this exact problem, so I downloaded the combo update and it worked fine.
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    Universal Audio Apollo Twin Thunderbolt on Hackintosh

    I'm now running OS X 10.11 El Capitan, with Pro Tools 12.2.1. So far everything is running good, and the Apollo is running fine. I also use a pair of the virtual channels for system sounds as well, so I have control of the volume within Console. Slate Plugins are running fine (the error they...
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    No mouse during USB Clover boot

    Strangely my mouse works but 8 times out of 10 the keyboard doesn't !!!
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    Gray screen spinning beach ball

    Having exactly the same problem, I seem to alternate between gray screen with beachball and no-entry sign. Never been beaten before but this one has got me.
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    Who installed Yosemite successfully on a GA-Z97X-UD7 TH?

    I've got it working great here. I had the not switching off issue could only fix it with nvidia web drivers, then it was all fine.
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    What Speakers Do You Use?

    JBL LSR305's
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    Universal Audio Apollo Twin Thunderbolt on Hackintosh

    After a few weeks of use I can again report that my system has been solid as a rock, whilst using Pro Tools, however I was getting some weird random freezes in other apps. My instinct was telling me it was a graphics issue, but I did have a slight niggle that it might have been USB related. I...
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    Universal Audio Apollo Twin Thunderbolt on Hackintosh

    Hi sorry i've been away. I don't have my multibeast settings to hand but I will post them later. The key to getting the Apollo working was to set the Thunderbolt Security in the BIOS to 'Legacy" once I did this everything worked. The initial install was pretty painless but if I remember...
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    Universal Audio Apollo Twin Thunderbolt on Hackintosh

    Just wanted to update this thread, I now have a new motherboard and processor, GA-Z97X-UD7 TH and an i7 4770, I have also upgraded to an Apollo Duo (rack unit). After a bit of fiddling and searching, all seems to be working happily. The key to success was setting the thuderbolt security to...
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    Yosemite and Music

    As a quick addition, if you move your Waves licenses to a USB stick first, they then continue to fine under Yosemite.
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    Young school music teacher wanting to learn music production and create home studio

    IMHO go with the Apollo, fantastic interface, great sounding plugins and very well made. The guitar plugins aren't bad either and can Al be easily demoed with a large download. Also watch lots of YouTube videos before you go, amongst the occasional crap there are a lot of excellent tutorials.
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    Yosemite and Music

    Just thought I'd post a quick heads up in case anyone is interested. I updated my studio system to Yosemite, as I have a few weeks of downtime to play. So far everything is working great except for the Waves License Centre. UAD Apollo is fine, Pro Tools 11.2.1, Econ 3.2, and all my other plugins...
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    UniBeast 4.0 Update

    I think there may be an issue with USB 3.0 ports, getting no problems with Unibeast 3.01 but 4.0 just gives "No Disk Available To Install On - UniBeast installation requires a HFS-partitioned removable disk with at least 7 GB free." Can't easily get to my usb 2.0 ports, but will try tomorrow.
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    Problem with new Unibeast 4.0 app

    Yep getting the same here, never had a problem before..I'm using USB 3.0 ports as well so it could be that, only using an 8Gb drive..
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    Universal Audio Apollo Twin Thunderbolt on Hackintosh

    I do boot Windows 8.1 and no doesn't work at all yet, hopefully it will soon.