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    Apple Updates Spinning Beach Ball in OS X 10.11 El Capitan

    I agree, the old one looked out of place in yosemite.
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    Hardware for 1080p60 gaming and 4K capabilities

    550 is cutting it by a small bit, I recommend 600 minimum, a little breathing room doesn't hurt.
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    Hardware for 1080p60 gaming and 4K capabilities

    If you look up some video's about the PC version, the game run like crap on anything under a 970 GPU, framerates are disgusting to even look at, and they don't even give a damn if it runs crap for you or not, customer support sucks from ubisoft, if you're thinking of playing this crap, you'd be...
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    Hardware for 1080p60 gaming and 4K capabilities

    It's possible a single 980 could pull 60@1440p, depends what games you're going to be playing, games like crysis 3/battlefield or even assassin's creed unity (worst creed ever, I'm gonna be sick), you won't get a solid 60@1440p unless you turn Anti Aliasing down a little or switch to FXAA, even...
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    Seeking Feedback for Hackintosh/PC Gaming Build

    Really good selection of parts you have there, yes, you'll have a successful installation of Yosemite/lower except lion, that being said, your motherboard doesn't work with FREE DSDT, in MultiBeast, you'll need to choose the option that says (EasyBeast) here's a thread that explains why...
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    Hardware for 1080p60 gaming and 4K capabilities

    You're welcome, make sure you use display port for 4k to work properly, or HDMI 2.0 interface. :) I said 760 because it's budget friendly and plus 1440p is good enough, sure 4k looks sick but it fails in terms of gaming performance.. even a 295 watercooled couldn't get past 40, that 970 you...
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    Hardware for 1080p60 gaming and 4K capabilities

    I do, GTX 760 4GB if you can find one, fully compatible GPU and runs games at 49/60 FPS depending on CPU. I get drops to 49 sometimes, because of my dual core, you will probably get 60 all the way.
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    My first hackintosh! I want a good machine!

    You sure that fanless cooler will work? I mean, You have an i7 quad core that's fairly high clocked, I'd hate to imagine how much heat that thing will throw out, better be safe than sorry, I can recommend you a silent fan cooler or a good water cooling setup if you like.
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    What motherboard used with the I3 4160 processor with YOSEMITE system and internal video Graphic HD

    I think you should at least get a 4360 as well, even then, the 4600 isn't supported out the box in Yosemite, I think you need to use a boot loader like chameleon/clover to get it to work, I'm glad I don't have to deal with all that, better to use a budget standalone GPU that's got twice/three...
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    Apple Announces OS X 10.11 El Capitan - Available Fall 2015

    I'm still using mountain lion, got no plans to upgrade to any future releases, I love kitties too much :lol:
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    will all these parts work together? please help!

    Actually overclocking is possible, you need to update your bios first, reason being is because by default overclocking is disabled due to the 20th anniversary G3258 CPU, Here's the update for your board only -
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    What is my choice in monitors?

    There's an official version from apple themselves (kinda high priced but worth it) eBay is you're best bet for that ..Or there's third...
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    From iMac to Hackintosh, will I be disappointed?

    Depends, if you prefer looks over performance then it'll make more sense to stick with the iMac as nothing comes close to it's beauty, Prefer speed and customisation? customac all the way.
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    Motherboard confusion

    I agree, gigabyte boards are best for beginners :]
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    What is my choice in monitors?

    I doubt it's as sexy looking as a 27'' iMac screen but.. here you go - Dell 24'' U2414H also in 27'' (cost more, obviously), it's ultra sharp and is perfect for artists such as yourself :)