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    Bad interface image

    If transparency isn't working then it likely means you do not have hardware acceleration working properly still.
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    No real fullscreen

    I haven't gamed in macOS in a while but the games I used to play certainly did. I guess it would depend on the game and how it uses the cursor.
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    Fan speed and temperature monitor on Navi GPUs

    I don't believe the driver is sending the data
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    Catalina 10.15.6 + 5700 XT: Crashing under load

    On my MacBook Pro 16" with the 5500M if I don't lock the screen when I walk away from it, it crashes almost every time when it goes to sleep. I have been re-rendering my media library on my desktop with the 5700XT for the past couple of days and have the box checked to prevent it from going to...
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    Fan speed and temperature monitor on Navi GPUs

    I have not seen anyone able to do it yet. I have tried everything with VirtualSMC to no avail.
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    Which MacOs Version is best for GT610 2GB without any problem ?

    El Capitan will work fine but just know that you might see some apps that don't support it.
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    AMD Radeon Navi GPU

    Don't know if this will work on a hackintosh or not but I have been using my 16" MBP with the 5300M and macOS 10.15.6 for work the past few weeks and it was crashing pretty much every time it went to sleep with various reasons but all GPU related. I have found that if I lock the screen before...
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    You can even duplicate your config a few times changing only the smbios part and name them something like config61.plist (for MP6.1) or config191.plist (iMac19,1). You can then choose which config you would like to use at the Clover boot menu in options.
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    << Solved >> AMD Radeon RX5700 or 5700XT

    Put Lilu and WEG and any KEXT being injected by Clover in the Other folder, not in the 10.15 folder. I am using the Red Devil as well so it definitely works.
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    Saphire 5700XT Graphics Help

    My guess is the O My guess is you already Lilu and WG installed but are missing agdpmod=pikera. I am able to boot my 5700XT with full acceleration without Lilu and WG but choose to use them because they patch other things as well. With those however you must have the boot argument agdpmod=pikera.
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    Final Cut X - GPU usage when rendering - 5700 XT

    I believe Apple products rely more on Intel Quicksync for rendering. If you change your SMBIOS to iMacPro1,1 then it should use the GPU but you might encounter stability issues with macOS and the Navi card.
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    AMD Radeon Performance Enhanced SSDT

    His are GB 4 scores, your's are normal for GB 5.
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    Large monitor make system crash

    Are you perhaps using Chameleon still? Also make sure memory allotment for the iGPU is maxed.
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    AMD Radeon Performance Enhanced SSDT

    Depends on if you are using Geekbench 4 or 5. The scores are quite different between the two versions.
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    << Solved >> AMD Radeon RX5700 or 5700XT

    Check your console to see if the GPU is restarting over and over. I do not have this issue with my 5700 XT and never have.