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    Can't boot after clover bootloader update

    Hi I did the same thing by doing the latest update 4586 black screen at startup no apple, the solution for me was to reboot the system without black screen thanks to my usb key macOS and then I redid the last update. day of clover while checking OsxAptioFixDrv2 since version 3 is gone ... Then...
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    I need your help here iTunes and Paragon NTFS reports, I have an Apple Music subscription but can not enjoy because iTunes closes directly after opening just like Paragon NTFS. The last update of iTunes don't changes anything, there is my dsdt, ssdt & config. I try to reinstall MacOS but even...
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    Crash iTunes & pink screen boot ....

    MSI H97 GAMING 3 I5 4590 3,30GHZ INTEL 4600 GRAPHICS Please, I need your help, for several months, iTunes has been stuck at startup or a few moments later .... So I'm stuck. No more Apple music. Likewise for Paragon NTFS that installs and works but the panel crashes when I open it so stuck...
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    HELP-No iOS devices appear on my Mac (AIRPLAY)

    I can not use AirDrop or Airplay for iOS and I can not share my files on the network ... Everything else works
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    HELP-No iOS devices appear on my Mac (AIRPLAY)

    Yes I already tried and only my FreeBox is in the list of Airplay nothing more.
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    HELP-No iOS devices appear on my Mac (AIRPLAY)

    Yes I know how it works but only my FreeBox is displayed on my iPhone & iPad no iMac posted on the Airplay of the iPhone or iPad who are yet connected to the same network .....
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    HELP-No iOS devices appear on my Mac (AIRPLAY)

    Thank you for your advice, I have deleted the five audio patch and add Lilu & AppleALC but still no iOS devices. I want to prescreen that I can print wirelessly via Airplay and I can display my Mac screen on my TV box but I can not do anything with iPhone and iPad that are also up to date ...
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    HELP-No iOS devices appear on my Mac (AIRPLAY)

    Hi, I have a problem with Airplay whether it is Wi-Fi or Ethernet the problem is present, my hackintosh works perfectly well everything is up to date. I have never managed to run it alone my network box is displayed but no iOS devices connected to the same network appears on my Mac, yet I try...