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    Basics for Overclocking Ivy Bridge (Gigabyte Z77/i5-3570K)

    The processor increases voltage when multiplier increases, and decreases it when it lowers. If you use 'normal', it will continue to do so. If you set a voltage, it will stay at that voltage (at all times, regardless of load). When using offset to overclock, you want to find the smallest...
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    Quad CPU SuperMicro - X9QRi-F - Motherboard

    I have one with 4650's. I made a brief attempt to install OSX on it, just to see how easy it would be. It was not, so I gave up after a couple hours (I was never planning on running anything other than Linux, just decided to try.) So, no idea if it's possible, but if it is, it will require a...
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    Post Your 3770k Overclock and Geekbench score

    The point of this thread is to post your OSX GB score. It doesn't help to post Windows scores (which are always significantly higher).
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    Do I have a bad 3770k chip?

    Very nice, congrats =)
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    Do I have a bad 3770k chip?

    Because the die-heatspreader interface is often terrible on IB (do a search, tons of pages on it, IB uses paste for the interface as opposed to solder used in SB). But how terrible is variable. CPUs die when they short out. When the current is too much for the 'correct' pathways to...
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    Do I have a bad 3770k chip?

    Why do you care about voltage more than temps? Temperatures are what matters for long-term life of your processor. Maybe you happened to get a 3770k with a great die-heatspreader interface. No way I'd return that chip (unless you're willing to risk de-lidding the one you get). You might...
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    Do I have a bad 3770k chip?

    Not sure I'd trust that cpu-z reading. 4.5ghz on >1.3v with temps below 80 with a CM212 is a strange combination, almost unbelievable (not questioning you, just the volt reading). That's a really good result for that cooler. In any event, when using an offset, you can usually get better...
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    OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Beta has AMD Radeon 7XXX drivers

    It's not either/or. If they add support, it will simply open up more options. They won't remove NVidia support.
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    Sapphire announces AMD 7950 Mac edition
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    Vcore does not match CPU voltage (in HW monitor) and computer lag

    Your numbers are all over. If you had offset set at 0.6, the cpu was throttling. The reason you see 1.404 when set to 1.44 is vdroop, which is a built in function by Intel (voltage drops with load). You can correct this droop (which in and of itself is not a problem, it's just an issue if it...
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    Question Performance pc vs mac

    If you have the option, and the performance difference is significant, I would use whatever OS results in better results for the applications you use. Geekbench is not a very good predictor of that.
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    Question Performance pc vs mac

    In Geekbench, yes.
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    OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Beta has AMD Radeon 7XXX drivers

    This is simply not true. In OpenCl AMD performs much better because Nvidia OpenCl drivers are terrible, not because the hardware is bad at it. Nvidia OpenCl drivers are terrible because they'd like people to continue to invest in coding CUDA. As long as people, and applications, stick with...
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    Voltage-controlled fans and GA-Z77MX-D3H TH boards?

    MB does not support voltage control. Can get a cheap controller like this that will take the PWN signal and voltage control 2 fans... There are similar ones that will control more than 2 fans, they will require external power.
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    32 Core Hackintosh?