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    Broadcom WiFi/Bluetooth [Guide]

    No, I am running in a physical machine. Here's the spec of that build: Mother board: Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 5 CPU: Core i7 8700k Graphs: UHD 630 Ram: kingston hyperx fury 8GB x 2 SDD: samsung 960 evo m.2 250gb Wifi & Bluetooth: PCIe BCM94360CD
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    Broadcom WiFi/Bluetooth [Guide]

    Hi, guys, I have BCM94360CD installed in my hackintosh, it should work out of boxed without any kext. Am i right? but turns out, Wifi work out of box, but bluetooth not working. Here's my problem reporting base on the guide, please let me if there's something I am missing. I will provide it as...
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    Bluetooth ( BCM943602CS ) not working in High Sierra

    Hi, all, this is my first hackintosh build and I could successfully upgrade to High Sierra 10.13.3 without any problems which is very great! I am quite satisfied on this build so far, except one annoying issue: bluetooth can not fine any devices! Seems the system can recognised my Bluetooth (...
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    BCM94360CS2 + NGFF M.2 Key A/E Bluetooth does not work

    Same issue here, WIFI work perfect, but no BT. system can recognised Bluetooth devices but can not pair my trackpad, and bluetooth can not be turn-off.
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    High Sierra feels "sluggish", compared to Sierra. Does it happen to you as well?

    Just change my Mac definition to '14,2', and seems the hangs for 1/3rd of a second issue not happen anymore, I will keep monitoring it within next few days, and see if it really work!
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    High Sierra feels "sluggish", compared to Sierra. Does it happen to you as well?

    I have the same issue here, considering refresh my installation using HFS while install High Sierrra again if this issue persistences.