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    Big issue with hackintosh build

    Okay so i have good components in my windows computer but with the current issue i don't think i can hackintosh it. First og all i have an amd radeon hd 7850. That's were you all think "ahh you're fine then, just update to 10.8.3". That's also where you're wrong. I cannot run on integrated...
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    Radeon HD 7850

    Ahh very sorry about that, and many thanks for your help :) This has helped me massively. When the new patch comes out officially i'll finally be able to run a hackintosh on my amd card
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    Radeon HD 7850

    I know all over it says it's not compatible with OSX but the posts are quite old and i've seem to come across a post about there being beta drivers for the Radeon HD 7*** series. Obviously my question is, is it possible to make a hackintosh now with a Radeon HD 7850? If there are player made...