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    << Solved >> USB Audio Interface Artifacts and Dropouts

    I know it's not sexy, but Mac mini is closer than Mac Pro.
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    After re-installing Windows 10, I can't access the Clover Bootloader or Mac OS X anymore.

    Hehe, Microsoft doesn't have to care if screw people, after all where are you going to go? UEFI booking is complicated, much more complicated than the old method where you just point the bios to block zero on a disk and you were done. A boot loader can load Windows directly from the Windows...
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    PC with NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti to iMac late 2013 macOs 10.15.7 Catalina

    It should work, you will need a display port to mini-display port cable. Display port on the PC graphics card, yes use display port and not HDMI or DVI. The iMac needs a mini-display port cable to fit the thunderbolt port, Thunderbolt 1/2 and Display Port are physically compatible and the...
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    Apple Announces 'One More Thing' Event for November 10th

    I've not had a problem with paging on my MacBook Pro with only 16GB, this includes running all kinds of things along with Windows VMs going. I could force it to, but not in actual use case have I ever run out of ram. NVMe storage is much faster than SATA SSD, could be as much as 10X. Apple...
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    OK yesterday - Black Screen Today

    If you don't have a image when the computer posts, the image you get before the operating system starts, indicates a low level problem. Check all of your cables to make sure they are plugged in. Turn the monitor on and off. Unplug the computer and monitor for a couple of minutes, then try...
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    I used the modular cables from a Corsair PSU on Thermaltake PSU and now I think I've fried my computer!

    I doubt you damaged the CPU but the motherboard is probably fried. That kind of damage I would think should be visible on the motherboard. I do share the opinion that it's not worth buying parts for such and old computer. It's only a matter of time before it is abandoned by Apple/hackintosh...
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    GPU selection help!

    The reason you see everyone recommend an AMD is because Nvidia and Apple are not playing nice and have parted ways. So you will be stuck with High Sierra at best, and I'm not sure if the newest Nvidia cards will be supported on macOS of any version. Your only choice is AMD, which is fine...
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    Updating OpenCore 5.6 to 6.2 is possible?

    Hello, I've just tried a basic attempt at updating from OC 5.6 to OC 6.2 and judging by the error messages while attempting to boot OC and how the config file doesn't seem to appear in Open Core configurator I thought I would check to see if this means I have to start from scratch to use OC 6.2...
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    How to Fix iMessage

    Yeah, I have this problem too. I suspect it's because kids don't have a validated credit card associated with their iTunes account. This proves they are a real person that can be identified and not just a spammer. I think it's Apple's way to protect Messages from spammers. If you created...
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    AMD Radeon Navi GPU

    You are going to need to google how to create port definitions for your graphics card output ports. This configuration information that tells macOS using Apples version of ACPI to describe the hardware to the operating system. You probably wouldn't be having this problem with Sapphire branded...
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    Migrating Windows to Larger Drive

    You could add the EFI driver in the Clover driver files. Would be called something catchy like ntfs.efi or very similar. Probably one in Clover configurator. I had this problem and that's how I solved it. It goes the same place the apfs.efi driver is.
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    small graphic cards?

    It's not hard to get a silent GPU, and going with the cheap cards unless they have a passive heatsink will noise than a premium card. I would look for something like a 5500XT because it will be supported by Apple going forward for a long time. One with a dual fan cooler. Then create a power...
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    Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming build with working NVRAM

    The way you talk about your Thunderbolt card it gives the impression you really don't need it. I finally stopped screwing around and took my card card out and put it back in the box. Just because a real Mac has Thunderbolt doesn't mean I have to have I guess. Anyway, on the topic of Bluetooth...
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    Error After Every Catalina Update!

    The error is very straightforward. The installer received an error when it tried to run the blessed command. This command tells the motherboard what the boot target is. You get this error with Clover because Clover doesn't support this command. You don't get this error with Open Core because...
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    Lggram cannot find cfg lock n vtd option in bios

    boot argument dart=0 should disable vt-d. You can also experiment with kernel patches in clover configurator. There are several to try on that page. You should use clover configurator and modify the config.plist in the Clover folder of your installer USB and enable the boot flag -v, which...