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    Duke's G3 B&W case mod

    Very nice work. :) Check out my sig for my G4 B/W mod, too, about the RAM slot problem of yours. ;)
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    PowerMac G4 Monokul Style

    Any update on this?! :)
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    Tim Cook Testifies Before Senate Subcommittee - Video

    Wow, nowadays you have to testify making money by the rules--THEIR rules! :lol:
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    G4 Blue & White Full-ATX Mod

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    Intel details HD5000, Iris, and Iris Pro graphics options on Haswell

    Let's see how much of that transfer into real-world performance. ;p Apart from that, AMDs APUs look vastly superior, even in concept to this. Their next-gen processors support GDDR5 as regular RAM, which should vastly improve performance; I guess that's the reason Intel tries to counter the...
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    White Apple Powermac G4 Mod from

    Curious choices of his; a) Why did he place the manual fan controls onto the power supply inside(!) of the casing?! He always needs to open the side panel to regulate fan speed. b) The power cord of the power supply seems to be at the bottom of the case. What do you do should you ever need to...
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    New G4 Case Mod

    Great paint job! Wondering here how you've managed to attach the fittings for the motherboard to the bottom?
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    Hack Pro in G4 Case. Extreme Failure

    You maybe want to check out this part of my build's post;
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    Powermac G4 "Graphite" Casemod

    It's looking rather...absurd...inside your case. How's the air flow working out so far for you?
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    Powermac g4 case mod

    You wouldn't necessarily have to place the power supply at the front, because it could still be fit in its usual place, but this is an interesting idea of sorts. Let us know how you progress on your build, please. :)
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    [SOLVED] ATI Radeon HD 5570 on Mountain Lion

    [HELP] ATI Radeon HD 5570 on Mountain Lion Open DVD-Player and see if it crashes.
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    How to undo OpenCL patch?

    Is it actually possible to re-install 10.8.2 combo update over an existing 10.8.2 install? If yes, then I would give that a try.
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    ATI HD5450 Graphics Card

    Sell the 5450 on ebay or elsewhere and get yourself a pure hackintosh compatible card, like the 6850, 6870, 5770, or 6450. The latter two cards can be had for $50,- or so on ebay or second hand stores, and they are fully compatible. (At least the Gigabyte and Sapphire brands are.) Spare...
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    OCZ Agility 3 not detected by UniBeast?

    Try a different SATA-port on your motherboard, perhaps?