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    Solved - Quick Sync Problem

    Disableng RC6(Render Standby) in BIOS solved the problem. Intel quick sync works fine. All types of converters work without crashes (Compressor HandeBrake VideoProc) But still there is a problem when exporting directly from FCPX to mp4 (I use a compressor preset) - it hangs. I did tests with...
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    Solved - Quick Sync Problem

    Hello, Middleman. Thanks for the quick response. I am not using Kernel CPUID spoofing. I've tried various framebuffers before - not successfully. shikigva = 128 agpdmod = pikera also failed. Now I'm testing with different BIOS settings. The most unpleasant thing is that freezes happen randomly -...
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    Solved - Quick Sync Problem

    Good day. I have a Problem with Intel Quick Sync (hardware rendering acceleration). 10900k + Vega 64. I use SMBIOS iMAC 20.2 Open core 0.6.8. iGPU is defined (screenshot) Tried the option not define iGPU in config.playlist - did not help. There are constant freezes during rendering(from FCPX...
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    Leesureone's Gigabyte B550 Elite Ryzentosh

    Geekbench 4 test, please!
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    FCPX Doesn’t start

    Did you solve your problem? Judging by the log, there is a problem with the video card. Do you use iGPU? Use Lilu & WhateverGreen kext? What System Definitions do you use (imac, MACPro) Publish your "About this MAC" Screen Shot.
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    Encoding Issues to MP4 with AAC audio

    When encoding video in MP4 with AAC audio, the file length is increased by 2-4 frames. I tried different programs - FFWorks, iFFmpeg, HandBrake, Adobe Media Encoder, directly from AfterEffects with AfterCodec - same result, file is 4 frames longer. Tried a different frame rate(25, 30, 50)...
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    Post Your Dock

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    Catalina 10.15.4 Update Problems

    Same problem
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    10 Year Anniversary of tonymacx86

    Thank you guys! You are best!
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    Problems with Different Versions of BIOS MSI Z370-A PRO+i7 8700K+RX 580

    Since i purchase my build (MSI Z370-A PRO+i7 8700K+RX 580) was the BIOS V22. I decided to update the BIOS. After the update, problems appeared: H-264encoding - the final video is glitchy, After Affect freeze. I tried the option with the integrated graphics(630) and without it. I tried different...
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    I7 8700K+MSI Z370-A PRO+GTX 1050Ti successful installation

    No. There are no NVIDIA drivers for 1050. I bought RX580 for Mojave
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    MacOS: Light Mode or Dark Mode?

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    [Guide] Creating a Custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext

    I finally did it! Thanks RehabMan. In my case, EHC1-> EH01 and EHC2-> EH02 are not needed. If someone needs - here is the SSDT for MSI Z370 A-Pro
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    I7 8700K+MSI Z370-A PRO+GTX 1050Ti successful installation

    Try to use "Clover legacy Boot mode" in MultiBeast