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    HDMI with 1070 and Web Drivers

    Hi, i've recently changed my old DVI monitor with a new one; if i connect it to my hackintosh with display port or mini display port everything works without problem but if i connect it with HDMI i can't wake monitor from sleep unless i unplug e replug the cable; i'm using latest web driver with...
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    OS X 10.10.2 Update I installed this version after upgrade and it works with my 670.
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    6870 agpm

    I've added my gpu to info.plist but i use control id that i've seen in a guide in this site about gtx 570 because i havn't found anything about ati/amd gpu... I'm not sure that my agpm modify works...
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    6870 agpm

    Hi, i want to add my gpu to agpm kext but i've found only guides about nvidia, nothing about amd/ati. second question: why in the mac pro 4,1 and 5,1 agpm there isn't amd/ati devices but only nvidia? the two macs were not sold with amd/ati cards? Thanks.
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    Dsdt 6870 club3d with 2 dvi 1hdmi and 3 display ports

    Dsdt 6870 club3d with 2 dvi 1hdmi and 2 display ports Hi, i have a up5th with 3770 2x4gb 1600mhz, my gpu is a club3d 6870, i ask if someone could patch my dsdt for up5th with 6870's frame buffer (duckweed) and hdmi audio. Thanks