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    i7-4930K - Asus Rampage IV Extreme - 32GB RAM - GTX 770 4GB [Success!!]

    Hi shilohh! Your amazing build was the last straw that made up my mind between getting a new mac pro (which I don't like) and building a hack :) I'm going to repeat it with a couple of changes (gtx780 and different ram - can't find in my corner of the world the one you've used, even though...
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    Your First Computer

    My first was a self-assembled Radio-86RK back in 1991, soon replaced with a ZX Spectrum. 2 years later I built my first PC, 386dx40, and another 6 years later moved to the Apple land, starting with blue&white G3 powermac. Now, 15 years and several macs later, I'm growing discontent with the...