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    Almost there :D

    Good points and ones which are not totally new to me after spending time researching. However, it got to the point where I was finished dicking around and wanted to use the OS generally ;). Thank you for the advice! I'll make some checks now. Edit: I must say, El Capitan is a pleasure to use...
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    Almost there :D

    Small update: The network card now works. I installed a driver using Multibeast. Now the DVD drive :rolleyes:.
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    Almost there :D

    Hi guys, Long time no post. Returning to the Hackintosh scene after leaving in 2012 and decided to give El Capitan a try. Most things went smoothly however I need some help on two items. I'm using El Capitan 10.11.5 which was installed from a USB which in turn was created using UniBeast. I...
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    Purchased a new macbook

    Hey guys, I've just got back from the Apple store with a new MB Pro 13". I have just got rid of my old MB which originally came with SL discs. It got me wondering, within the purchased tab of the app store it has the apps that came with the MB; garageband and imovie. Which I can install when...
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    Kindle Fire vs Nexus 7

    "There are others"
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    Good bye Firefox!

    Yeh, that's what I said in one of the posts above. I would of used that instead but Chrome was my next instant port of call and has been good so far. I read a post above about privacy, I couldn't care less about that to be honest. I have nothing to hide, I don't do anything personal. I...
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    Good bye Firefox!

    I to had the odd pop-up's from sites and advertisements in YouTube videos when using Safari. The adblock I use for Chrome is made by the same guy who made it for Safari. I haven't had any issues yet with it. No pop-ups or adverts before videos etc. It.s only been 4 days but OK so far...
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    iPhone 5 jalibreak, unlock

    It took almost a year for the 4s. I'm confident the iphone 5 jailbreak won't be out for a while after the release of the phone; if it is even released.
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    Good bye Firefox!

    Subtle differences Just discovered another worthy feature of Chrome. Usually, I have a tab open so I can watch BBC etc, online. Now the way I browse through tabs, with pace, I usually close, by accident, the ones I want to keep open; annoying, right? So now with Chrome I can 'pin tabs'...
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    To SSD or not to SSD?

    I'll be getting on the SSD bandwagon once they become cheap enough and the ratio between space and price is favourable to the former.
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    What music...

    I have a few tags on LastFm. Which are; lounge, downtempo and trip-hop. I just let it play on either genre and away I go. I'm incredibly particular about the music I listen to.
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    Clean install vs. Upgrade

    I have never, ever upgraded my OS; whether it's Windows or Apple or on my iPhone or iPad. We get OS's and iOS's usually once a year or so, so I feel that that is a acceptable amount of time to warrant a fresh install. Though, with Windows I have used Ghostimage for about two years now, as it...
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    Sticking with Lion?

    I basically had the same experience going from Snow Leopard to Lion to Lion to Mountain Lion. I was a total newbie back then but because it had been almost a year since I had played around with installing Apples OS's, I forgot one or two little things I used to do which made my experience a lot...
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    How to create a Multi-OS install disk!

    I done this with a laptop hard-drive which I actually couldn't install either ML or Lion on. My Macbook is expecting a new HD once I can be arsed to order from eBay. Which means I have no-way of fixing my hakintosh if I break my ML installation [I'd have to go back to Snow Leopard :eek:]...
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    New ML Dictation App... Sending all my text to Apple? Seriously?

    Picking out this comment, I have to agree. I am growing tired of all of this social integration within operating systems [step forward Win8 as well] - I dislike it, a lot. I am also annoyed that Apples OS's are starting to look more and more like iOS. I use a desktop because it isn't my iPhone.