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    Universal Audio Apollo Twin Thunderbolt on Hackintosh

    Great info, most appriciate!
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    P55A-UD4P Success

    Yup, good point is to update the org.chameleon.Boot.plist on your install drive so you won't need to type it.
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    P55A-UD4P Success

    One more success story with P55A-UD4, same settings as RayMacx64, thanx m8 for pointing out that boot flags are needed in order to start the installation at all.
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    What Input Device(s) Do You Use? Mouse, Trackpad, etc...

    SteelSeries Xai + Dell Keyboard and iPad 2 as trackpad when needed ;)
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    Critters: iOS 7 Ive style

    nice :)
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    Profile Build Signatures: Request Additional Components

    Please add GA-P55A-UD4, there's only UD4P model atm. Thanx.
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    P55A-UD4P Success but CMOS Reset on Sleep

    The only way that sleep works for me is replacing the original AppleRTC.kext with the one from 10.6.8.
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    Welcome to the new!

    Hi guys, great job!
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    Mac OS X 10.6.8 Update - The Official Thread

    Updated to 10.6.8, w/o problems so far.
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    In Search of the Best Hackintosh Graphics Card

    GTX 260 is great solution for OS X as far as I am concerned, it' twice faster than my old GTS 250 and it runs with no problems. The outputs are working, no freezing when I attach LCD TV via HDMI out and no other probleems I've expirienced with GTS 250.
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    In Search of the Best Hackintosh Graphics Card

    Gainward GTX260 Golden Sample, it's here to stay, just to check if HDMI is not causing trouble :)
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    ATI 5770 64-Bit Support?

    Did u tried the video(that particular part) under any other OS besides OS X? Anyway, check the new MultiBeast, there's no kexts for ATI 5xxx, just use chameleon RC5 and GraphicsEnabler=Yes, that's how I enabled HD5850 I borrowed from a friend and it worked fine.
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    Problem with FrontRow

    Yep, this solved the problem: sudo mv /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration /NetworkInterfaces.plist /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration /preferences.plist ~username/Desktop Thank you.
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    Problem with FrontRow

    It seams it's stuck with en3, I've tried and removed adapter from the list and add new couple of times, it always reported it as en3. Thanks again for the tip.
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    Problem with FrontRow

    Hi m8, I've given up on searching for the solution and didn't see your reply until now. I am using your 0.0.67 beta derivers and I am able to connect to the net, everything else is working/able to connect to the net except the Front Row. I am using Little Snitch firewall but Front Row is not...