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    Solving NVIDIA Driver Install & Loading Problems

    Hello friends! I'm trying to enable this GTX 1060 on Sierra 10.12, but no luck. I've managed to enable it on a few machines before. Could someone take a look at my IOReg, and, if you could kindly point anything wrong, it would be great! Edit: The Nvidia Web Option is selected on the menu bar...
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    Gigabyte GA-Z270XP-SLI, i7-7700K, Samsung 960 PRO, 10.12.6

    Unfortunately, no go.... Only if I patch the kext... Attached is my current IOREG and CONFIG, if you could take a look, id appreciate. Thanks!! -EDIT- Just to update my situation, with AppleUSBXHCIPCI kext patching all ports are working fine. And got what was preventing the orange external...
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    Gigabyte GA-Z270XP-SLI, i7-7700K, Samsung 960 PRO, 10.12.6

    @frontgear Thanks for the quick reply! Question: Could those kexts be in /efi/clover/kexts/other?? And also, I find a little tedious and complex testing all ports and compiling the SSDT, is it really necessary? I used yours and its all ports are A Working LOL.. Im gonna try turning off the...
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    Gigabyte GA-Z270XP-SLI, i7-7700K, Samsung 960 PRO, 10.12.6

    High mates! Glad to see more people using this board... See, I'm almost done post-installing this machine, but I'm struggling with the usb 3.0 ports.... Already tried multibeast usb options, then rolled back and now I'm trying @frontgear suggestions and Config.plist options but still no go with...
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    [Guide] Z/H97N-WIFI with Intel HD4600 using Clover UEFI Hotpatch

    High @VioletDragon how are you? Could you kindly help me getting HD4600 on my z97m d3h?? I think I'm in the right way but I got kinda lost in between two methods, Rehabman FAKEID kexts and patches and just doing everything in clover.... I did the GFX to IGPU patch and it seems like I'm almost...
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    Dodocool PCI E - Type C (ASM1142 chipset)compatibility advice - SIERRA

    Hello @raymondau, could you please confirm that you got a thunderbolt audio interface working via this asm1142 chip oob?? Im building a machine that will need both usb-c ports one for Apollo twin (tb) and the other for UAD (fw).... Thanks a lot! -EDIT- Not possible, because this chip is...
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    Audio - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide]

    Greetings Toleda, hope everything is good, I'm having a little trouble enabling Realtek, 1150 (I didn't want to use voodoo...) on this Z170m D3H, when I try Multibeast Alc1150 with 100 series, it gives me a black screen when I reboot, and after that I can't boot anymore... Could you kindly give...
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    Quick Fix for Intel HD 4600 Graphics Acceleration on 9 Series Motherboards

    DUH!! My Bad! In Config I was selecting ATI injection instead of Intel...... 4600 beautifully running now!! Edit: Thanks!!!!
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    Quick Fix for Intel HD 4600 Graphics Acceleration on 9 Series Motherboards

    Hello RehabMan, Toleda, thank you all for your help!! You see, i`m struggling a bit to get the 4600 working on this rig. Im using Clover as the bootloader, attached is my Conf. With the 9 Series Fix provided in Multibeast, (Im in 10.9.4, because i need Pro Tools) the IntelHD5000 and...
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    Mavericks: Native CPU/IGPU Power Management

    Hello Toleda, First off thank you for your great work!! See, Im building this Z97m D3H machine, and Im a little confused if my CPU management is correctly enabled. I have an iMac 14,2 spec with the following components: CPU 4790K, MB Z97m D3H , GPU GB GTX 760. Attached are the files...
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    [Success] Gigabyte H97M-D3H, i7 4790, HD4600

    Gtx 750 is not supported! I know because i have just given one to my mother to put on her pc.... 500 bucks here in Brazil... Research deeply before buying if you dont want to loose money as i did....
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    HP Envy 17-j016sr

    Yeah Got it!!! Got my speakers under the laptop working... Now that i understood the process, im gonna test with other appleHDA kexts to see if I can enable the top ones, the sub ive already gave up... But at least I have clean audio with vanilla kext. Didnt test the HDMI yet, but later ill...
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    HP Envy 17-j016sr

    Oh, I see... I have double clicked the shell, and ran it with Xcode... Is it ok?? Oh no, it didn't run, it only sows me the patch isn it?? Sorry... Gonna use the . on the command now. Thanks Again!!!
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    HP Envy 17-j016sr

    Ok, have it installed (AappleHDA) in S/L/E, how do I run the script please? Tried cd/ repo folder and then but it didn't recognise...
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    HP Envy 17-j016sr

    Ok Gonna look after! Thanks!