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    [ROUGH GUIDE] Fix for Finder Preview not working on Mojave 10.14.1+

    This also worked for me. What I did was try to change definitions, following other solutions on YouTube Their approaches were seemingly innocuous; safe and easy. Dabbling with lines of code always scares me. So, I had a bunch of Board IDs there. Wasted half a day following those. What I did...
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    macOS 10.12.6 Update

    Gigabyte Z170MX Gaming 5 Intel i5 6600K AMD RX 480 (Reference) Updated from 10.12.2 from the App Store. Downloaded, restarted and everything works.
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    macOS 10.12.2 Update

    ______ Thanks, mate. This has been incredibly useful.
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    AMD RX 4XX graphics cards in Sierra.

    The update went well. I restarted my desktop and used a DVI cable on the Z-170MX during the update. The LAN and the sound worked out of the box. I still had to edit the kexts to reflect the device ID of the reference RX 480. Upon restarting, I paused at the Clover boot menu, removed the DVI...
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    AMD RX 4XX graphics cards in Sierra.

    Thanks. I will try to get the update out of the way over the weekend. Here's to a flawless update...
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    AMD RX 4XX graphics cards in Sierra.

    Hey, everyone. Has anyone tried to update to 10.12.1? Any special steps aside from the guide published here? Has anyone noticed improvements in performance? Thanks!
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    AMD RX 4XX graphics cards in Sierra.

    I did get the SKL CRB for when I use a DVI cable from the board to my monitor. Thank you. Even on the RX 480, the problem with Safari persists. I've taken to using Chrome for now. I'll also post the results on the Unigine Heaven for others who have the Sapphire Reference card.
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    AMD RX 4XX graphics cards in Sierra.

    This method worked for me and the Reference RX 480 by Sapphire. System report reads all 8GB of the memory. My only issue is that it isn't loading web pages properly. I have to hover my mouse for elements to load in Safari. I am unsure if this is a Sierra issue or an issue with the graphics card.
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    Direct Update to macOS Sierra using Clover

    Massive thanks for this guide. It worked for me flawlessly. No deviations from the guide. Just follow it. Be sure to do a full backup of your install before doing anything. It's always nice to have a backup; like oversized jeans. You hope you never have to use them but it's awfully nice to...
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    [THANK YOU] Gigabyte Z170MX-Gaming5 and the RX 480

    This is the story of my first hackintosh build and the lessons I've learned along the way. I wrote this for people who might be in the same boat. I began with zero knowledge about Macs, except flipping the lid on the MacBook Air and switching it on. Today, I have a stable desktop hackintosh...