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    [GUIDE] General Framebuffer Patching Guide (HDMI Black Screen Problem)

    Quick update. WhateverGreen 1.4.1 is out. official release build to address black screen 10.15.5+ and Comet Lake CPUs/Mobos.
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    [Success] - Asus ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming + i9 10900K + OpenCore

    I'm pretty sure iGPU (HDMI...) is possible with upcoming WEG. I'm running for about 2 weeks now with iGPU on Z490 -
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    Asus PRIME Z490-P Catalina 10.5.5

    OK, So I'm attaching my config.plist. Mind that you'll need (as any of other configs here) to generate your unique machine values. (UUID, SystemBoard etc) Also attached are debug builds of Lilu and WhateverGreen I've compiled that fixes the black screen of 10.15.5 (future readers: replace those...
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    Asus PRIME Z490-P Catalina 10.5.5

    Just a quick update. latest commits to WhateverGreen fix patching of IGPU on 10.15.5 :) (still no release yet). Tomorrow I'll post the plists and kext for UHD630. It seems to be working for me now with HDMI output. One note for those who go the AMD 5xxx route - remember to add agdpmod=pikera.
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    Asus PRIME Z490-P Catalina 10.5.5

    Are you trying macOS Catalina 10.15.5? did you update to latest BIOS. look above to some of the screenshots. Also, keep in mind that once you past that stage an dGPU (non-intel/UHD630) would be helpful. I've yet to see a Desktop 10th reported using only UHD630.
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    Asus PRIME Z490-P Catalina 10.5.5

    In my case I don't yet have a DP display or DP-HDMI cable so I still have no output from HDMI. Also tried booting Mojave but it seems it'll require different patching. Btw, I see the AAPL,pci locations are different than the ones by the OpenCore guide. are those correct? are they the same...