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    What Speakers Do You Use?

    I use KRK Rokit 8's.
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    Can I enable virtualization after a successful install? (Dual boot Win7/OSX)

    I have a gigabyte board, but after I installed OS X, I turned on virtualization so that I could use Parallels and it worked fine.
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    yosemite boot problems

    When you plug in other drives, it default boots to those drives. Since there is nothing is installed on them, this will result in an error. 1. Turn off your computer 2. Plug in all drives 3. Turn on computer and Enter BIOS. 4. Go to the boot order preference. 5. Change your boot drive to #1 in...
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    [PERFECT SUCCESS] robertwigfield's Build: GA-Z87X-UD5H - i7-4770K - GTX760

    I am actually a heavy ableton user! Ableton Live 9 runs great on this machine. 1. Yes, the Z97X would work, but then you also have to go with the CPU from the Buyer's Guide, and not my i7 4770k. 2. Yes you would be fine with a 650w. I don't even come close to maxing out my 750. But...
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    [PERFECT SUCCESS] robertwigfield's Build: GA-Z87X-UD5H - i7-4770K - GTX760

    My HDMI monitor does not have speakers, so i'm not sure if the HDMI audio works. However, this is a very popular build- so if it doesn't work OOB, surely there is a guide to get it going. iTunes and App Store work perfect. iMessage, however, does not.
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    GA-Z87X-D3H i5-4460 - failing to boot with unibeast stick - insights appreciated

    Unplug all hard drives from your computer. Make sure it is powered off and then plug in your USB. Power on your computer and select the USB as the boot device. If that doesn't work, enter your BIOS and go to the boot order and set the USB as the first option
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    My osx 10.9 boot only with USB

    Did you install Chimera onto your Hackintosh disk through multibeast.
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    [PERFECT SUCCESS] robertwigfield's Build: GA-Z87X-UD5H - i7-4770K - GTX760

    You are right. They are only $30 more than my slow RAM. I think because I was a newbie when I built this, I went with the RAM that was suggested in the Buyer's Guide.
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    Is my build hackable?

    Lucky you! You picked the perfect hardware actually. All of your items are listed on the suggested parts list. Please check out the Installation Guide for instructions. Check out my build log here...
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    Changed SMBIO file and will not boot

    Maybe plug the drive into a Mac computer and access it through finder?
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    OS X Yosemite

    Who else is excited for this update? I know I am. Let's hope it plays well with our hackintoshes. I am most excited for the iPhone to Mac syncing with texting and calling.
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    Hackintosh Beginner...Compatibility Check Please

    I would say go with the i5 4670k. The i5 is just as good as the i7 when it comes to gaming. You will see the most improvement with the 770 over the 760.
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    help with cloning and booting from clone

    Unplug all drives. Enter the BIOS. Set your cloned HDD as the first drive in the boot order.
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    Messed up my bootloader, not sure how to fix.

    The fix to this does not have to do with an actual "BOOT0" fix. When you installed the MultiBeast settings, I'm guessing you unattached some of your drives. When doing this, it resets your boot order set in your BIOS. Go into your BIOS, and switch your OS X drive (NOT THE UEFI ONE) to be first...
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    Hackintosh will not allow SSD Boot without USB Install Stick Inserted

    No. You may want to make a back up of your drive, but I have never had any problems with Chimera. It is a great bootloader. No setting changed needed.