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    OOB graphics card on 10.8

    I have read online that a few people are complaining about how noisy the XFX version is, have you experienced this at all?
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    OOB graphics card on 10.8

    Thanks for the quick response nikki. I think I may have to get one now!
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    OOB graphics card on 10.8

    Hi guys. I am currently using an Asus GTX 550 Ti graphics card, but like so many others I am having quite a few problems. I have now resorted to setting up the intel HD4000 and am working from this. So basically my question is, what graphics cards are recommended for ML 10.8 that will...
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    Closed Thread: For FYI only > [GUIDE] 10.8 / How to enable HD4000

    10.8 / How to enable HD4000 Hi guys, I just thought I would add my results to the list. Gigabyte Z77x UD5H Motherboard Core i5 3570k CPU 8Gb RAM I tried the two recommended strings for my motherboard, but both ended with my mouse disappearing. I then tried 'ig-platform-id...
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    nVidia GeForce GTS 450 - Every second boot ends in BlueScreen or WhiteScreen Glitch!

    Hi mate, I am having the EXACT same issues as you. But I have a GTX 550 ti Graphics card. At the moment I cannot turn my monitor off, and mine boots every second attempt! Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks
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    iBoot Snow Leopard on GA Z77x UD5h. HELP

    Hi guys, I am trying to install Snow Leopard on my new machine using the iBoot method but I keep ending up at a black screen. So this is my hardware; GA Z77x Ud5h Motherboard Core i5 3570 Asus GTX 550 ti OCZ SSD 8Gb Ram I have tried so many boot flags, and nothing seems to...
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    [Success] Intel Core i7 3770k - GA-Z77X-UD5H - Mountain Lion - 560ti - 8gb RAM

    Your build looks amazing! I am going to be building a very similar build in the next few weeks, which will be my first hackintosh in about 3-4 years. So if you can answer any of my questions I would be really grateful. Did you install Mountain Lion from nothing, not upgrade from Lion...
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    First Build Advice

    Thanks for the quick reply Mate94! I will definitely check out the wiki for bluetooth dongles. I do have one more question though.... Am I right in believing that because I am using ivy bridge, I will need to use bridge helper in order to boot Lion? (I currently have a USB stick with...
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    First Build Advice

    Hi guys, I have been looking to build a hackintosh for a few months now and have been constantly updating and changing my ideal build. Below is what I currently have in mind. Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77X UD5H Processor: Intel Core i5 3570K RAM: 8GB Corsair DDR3 PSU: 650W Corsair...