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    Did you need any special kexts in your Clover config? (Whatevergreen, Lilu, VGTab, etc.) Also, did you disable internal graphics in the BIOS? I installed this card before I left town, but look forward to fine tuning it for my Hackintosh when I get back tomorrow!
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    [SOLVED] High Sierra 10.13.4 / 980-TI / NVidia 387. Hard Freeze

    Quick question - I'm currently on an H170N-WiFi motherboard with 980Ti Founder's Edition card stable on 10.13.3. Had issues with 10.13.4 and 10.13.5 with the nVidia web drivers to no avail because of the IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3 error. I'm running two monitors (one through DVI, one...
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    [Update] Sierra on the Skylake H170N-WIFI

    Can someone PM me their config.plist for the latest Clover? I'm trying to go back to a Hackintosh with 10.12.6 on my H170N-Wifi. Been having issues getting Clover Configurator changes to stick on my EFI.