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    Guide - Fusion Drive using tonymacx86 Tools & Chimera

    Just to let you all know that I followed exactly all the steps (except that I SuperDuper'd my pre-existing 10.8.2 install along with all my apps and files to the newly created drive) and I'm typing right now from my brand new and shiny bootable Fusion Drive. Thanks a lot for such an...
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    Apple's USB 3.0 driver on non-Intel controllers *TESTING*

    Just to let you know I also have tested this kext edit on my z68xp-ud3 with F10 BIOS (two onboard Etron Ej168 chips) and the usb 3.0 controllers show up in System Profile but no connected usb 3.0 drive is shown nor mounted... I hoped the 10.8.2 update would allow the native kext to activate...
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    [SUCCESS] ML + ga-ep34-s3l + core 2 quad 9650 @ 3,6gHz + radeon HD5850

    [SUCCESS] ML + ga-ep43-s3l + core 2 quad 9650 @ 3,6gHz + radeon HD5850 Just to let you know that after Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion I've been able to install happily also ML in my pretty old Hackintosh rig (specs as per title)! 1) built a Unibeast 10.8 ML usb stick and 2) installed the...
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    my g5 mod with 6x lian-li hdd bays

    Dear fellow Hackintosh users, here's my first mod ever: a g5 mod. First of all I had all the original components removed from an old g5 power mac (early 2005 2x 2,7 gHz). It was a damaged unit, with a severe coolant leak from the dual g5 liquid cooling system; I cleaned up the case, polished...
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    Mac OS X 10.7.2 Update - The Official Thread (Desktops)

    To the ones experiencing Kernel Panics: This is how things went with my core2quad Hackintosh (see signature) 1)installed 10.7.2 combo update 2)restored AppleHDA with iboot 3.8 3)rebooted 4)kernel panic: still waiting for root device 5)rebooted with a previously cloned 10.7.1 installation (I...