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    my first PowerMac G5

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    Pi Mac Pro Hackintosh

    I think this is the case:
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    LED always on

    Will this remove the usb charging etc as well or or just turn off the light?
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    Power Mac G4 QuickSilver Skylake WC edition

    Awesome build! I really like how your tubing is so organic feeling, it's usually just a bunch of right angles. You should consider a big magnetic filter for the bottom so you don't have to take the thing apart to clean as often.
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    LED always on

    I had the issue when I switched motherboards a while back, it worked fine with my old one but the new one it didn't. I switched to the HDD indicator LED pin on the front panel header and now it only lights up with the system and doesn't even flash, which I was thinking it would before I tried.
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    Reuse G5 Power Supply Without Voiding Warranty

    Neat idea but for the price a higher wattage 1U unit you're probably better off risking the warranty on a less expensive ATX unit.
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    Mac Cube X99

    It loads for me. Very cool mini workstation build with heat pipe risers connecting the xeon and quadro to 2 factory heatsinks via heatpipe risers. Edit: Made an imgur album for those who can't veiw pictures
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    JayzTwoCents did a video on this.
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    Simple Power "Hack" Mac G4 (Sawtooth)

    This is the 2003-2007 Apple Keyboard (model A1048) that would have shipped with late MDD G4s up through early Mac Pros, as well as whatever iMacs they were selling in that era like G4- early intel models. The keyboard that this G4 shipped with would have been an Apple Pro Keyboard with black keys.
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    Simple Power "Hack" Mac G4 (Sawtooth)

    Are you going to be able to keep the plastic somehow with this method?
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    Simple Power "Hack" Mac G4 (Sawtooth)

    Why did you replace the PCI brackets? The G4 ones work just fine as long as you line up the board properly.
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    OniEnzeru's G5 Mod Hackintosh - G5 Phantom

    Great build but it needs some cable management, you should stuff some of those cables on upper shelf maybe.
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    Low Profile CPU Coolers

    Silverstone Argon Series AR05 Specs: 104mm (W) x 92mm (D) x 36.7mm (H) (with fan) Fan: 92mm x 92mm x 15mm Riffle Bearing Fan 20 ~ 28.3dBA Silverstone Argon Series AR06 Specs...
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    first time doing any mods, finished G4 Quicksilver

    There is a lot of space for cables between the steel sides and the plastic on G4s so keep that in mind for your cable management.
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    Jaap's G5 Mod

    I think you'll still be fine because the only place for the air to go will be out the back due to positive pressure.