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    Apple Releases macOS High Sierra 'Golden Master' GM Candidate to Beta Testers

    any news about the APFS ? can we upgrade on Hackintoshes too ? from the appstore of course
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    Black Screen After Updating to 10.12.5

    Well like finally!, a whole year of long waiting has passed the long waited drivers are here, let's be optimist about this and say "the good thing is that we got the drivers it's better than not having them at all" ^_^ well thnx Nvidia
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    NVIDIA Announces 'Pascal' Graphics Drivers Coming to MacOS

    Time to upgrade.....? plz don't do this again to us NVIDIA ^_^ long waited pascal support MacOS does this mean apple made the choice ? has it finally made the good choice?, upgrading it's new MACs and choosing Team Green ? will this green cards be on the new MacPro ? .... APPLE it's time to...
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    Shutdown time

    Glad To hear that thnx for the reply we hope apple would fix that soon and get back the shutdown speeds
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    Shutdown time

    hello , lately i've noticed some slow shutdown times it's not that bad as u might imagine but sure it's slower than it was freshly installed any one know the source of this issue how i might be able to restore the old fast shutdown time i'm using Sierra 10.12.0 , 8GB Memory i7 3,6Ghz and SSD...
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    ALC898 freeze

    Now Evrything works i re-ran the script awesome yay i had a single freeze befor re running the script let's test this system more :D i will report any further freezes
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    ALC898 freeze

    does your front panel headphone jack work? cause mine doesn't :/ if anyone has ideas to fix my issue i would be happy (FYI: the port does work on el capitain (other drive setup) and windows just fine)
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    [Solved] White screen and spinner booting into installer

    i had same issue so i went for upgrading from el capitian rather the clean install untill the unibeats and multibeast gets released hope this would be fixed by then now i'm using my upgraded version from el cap to sierra with some borken stuff so if you already have el cap installed i guess u...
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    ALC898 freeze

    front panel the mother board jack works fine but front panel jack is just not working headphone jack on my case only the mobotherboard jack works :/
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    ALC898 freeze

    ohhh thnx so much it works great now let's test system stability after upgrading like a mac using clover :Dedit:system is quite stable but rear jack isnt working anyidea?
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    Update Clover
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    ALC898 freeze

    i can't get the audio work with alc898 can you please help me ? how u installed toleda script ?
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    This mac Cannot Connect To iCloud

    Getting this Popup each boot on my hackintosh whats the issue ? can anyone help me please ?
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    OSX El capitan 10.11.3

    What is SIP ? Should i perform the combo update, to be safe. or update from the app store, and how the combo update works ? any answers ?.
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    OSX El capitan 10.11.3

    Time machine backup will it backup system only? or all partition or what exactly plz :) ? how much space it requires