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    Full Acceleration for Intel HD 3000 and older NVIDIA Graphics in macOS Catalina

    I am using this patch on an old HP2650p notebook with HD3000. Only draw problem is, you need to re-run this patch after you do an OS update. But it works well.
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    [FIX] HD4200/HD4400/HD4600/HD5600 on 10.11+

    Hello can you share with me how you solved this? sounds like the same as my problem.
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    Anyone managed to get successful dual display working?
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    Mojave Intel HD 530

    cheers mate! this saved me!
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    [FIX] HD4200/HD4400/HD4600/HD5600 on 10.11+

    Dear All, attached is my Problem reporting
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    [FIX] HD4200/HD4400/HD4600/HD5600 on 10.11+

    Hello All, I've read on all I could find here in the forum regarding HD4200. I need some advise here. I already installed the kext mentioned as per screenshot. I am still stuck with 7MB on my HD4200. appreciate your inputs. Cheers!
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    Intel HD Graphics 4000 - macOS High Sierra 10.13 - screen lags/flickers

    Hello All, good day, seeking some help for HD2500 on HS. Reading from this thread i can make this detect as HD4000. How can I do that? i played with clover configuration but I cannot change it as HD4000. Need your kind advise. @RehabMan please help me. thank you.
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    Easier way to determine ALC version and graphics model

    Dear all, I have been searching around in the forums but I cannot find a simpler way to determine what is a the correct Intel HD model and the ACL to patch. I have multiple machines to finish and I am always stuck at graphics and audio. It reflects different models of for intel HD on the...