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    How can i remove a duplicate drive selection from the clover menu?

    Hello I've been having a problem with seeing the same drive appear twice in the clover menu. It's a chrome os efi on the drive. Legacy is removed, before i had that option on it showed a third entry as "EFI-SYSTEM" which is the same OS efi. I added in a customized uuid entry to name it as...
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    Anyone able to change the "About this mac" circle image in Catalina?

    omg bruv for real! I'll give it a try again and see!
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    Is it possible to disable RTX 2080 and use integrated graphics?

    sorry for late response mate.. lol I bought an rx 580 instead
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    Anyone able to change the "About this mac" circle image in Catalina?

    bruv i've tried that already. That works in high sierrra, mojave.. Catalina is a whole different os.
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    When boot in recovery, menu freeze, i can't move mouse pointer

    Hello guys, I been having this problem for quite some time now. When i boot into recovery or the mac installer usb in clover, the menu where it first shows "select language", it freezes, i can't move the mouse pointer or do anything to select and continue. The mouse pointer stays right in the...
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    How to change login screen background in Mac Os Catalina?

    Hi. Has anyone done this yet? I would like to remove the Catalina wallpaper on log in screen background and change it to whatever i like...Please help.
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    Cant boot linux through Clover

    Over 2 years later... anyone get linux to boot in clover? Please help
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    Anyone know how to boot Clear Linux in Clover?

    no i didn't install grub in efi partitian
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    Anyone know how to boot Clear Linux in Clover?

    Hi i'm a new linux user and i'm looking to get clear linux boot from clover along side with my windows and hackintosh.. Anyone know how this can be done? I've already checked "Linux" in Gui in clover config but still my linux ssd still doesn't show up.. :(
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    Trick for booting RemixOS from Clover

    Does this apply the same for android x86?
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    Apple Chime at Startup Added to Clover

    Hello i am a novice when it comes to editing config.plist, can you be more specific where exactly in the plist do i add " <key>GUI</key> <dict> <key>PlayAsync</key> <true/> </dict> " in the config.plist???? I would like to do this but i don't want to mess up anything...
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    Can't download Catalina OS in Appstore Catalina "Update not found"

    Hi. I have a problem downloading Catalina OS or any other OS in the appstore, i get "Update not found, the requested version of macos is not available" Everything else works fine like downloading apps. Anyone know how i can fix this problem? I would like to have this fix so in future i can make...
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    Facetime/imessage fails to work ( sign in only successful)

    Hello, so i've been trying to get Facetime and imessage working. Both successful in signing in but: 1. Face time fails to make video/audio calls 2. Imessage messages fail to deliver I've tried everything. I did the step by step with smbios etc. I don't know what else to do can someone help me...
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    Clover auto boots to Mac, unable to select drives/options/settings

    Hello, Recently I have a problem with clover auto booting to Mac also I'm unable to select other drives,options and settings. Can someone help me with this problem please?